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I can play this game on this arcade Halloween Bubble Shooter LP, yet I downloaded and installed on my arcade forum, and when it opens, it say game is blocked from ronaldsarcade.com

It is a fanfan game

Any ideas how to remove the block from the game.

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31 minutes ago, Legionaire said:

Those games are hard coded with a domain list of who can use the game and who cannot, and then the game is encoded so that you cannot change it, so the answer is you cannot remove it unless you can decode it


OK I understand, I am on her sh_t list. Thats why I banned her and all her proxies.

Is there a program for coding and decoding.

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vor 19 Stunden schrieb Ronald:

I can play this game on this arcade Halloween Bubble Shooter LP, yet I downloaded and installed on my arcade forum, and when it opens, it say game is blocked from ronaldsarcade.com

It is a fanfan game

Any ideas how to remove the block from the game.

Your friend Thunder (Arcade123, Markus, etc.) also installs the locks again.
It just doesn't bother me anymore. But complain that others do that.
Don't say anything more about that either ...

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No, I don't get a heart attack, just want to say that you complain about others, although some here do it themselves.
Meanwhile, I don't care who is blocking who and where.
That just shows how childish you are.
I also don't stand on one side anymore.
Do what you want, just howl softly

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8 hours ago, Ronald said:

Better lock this Legion, before Marco has a heart attack.


Everyone is allowed to have a fair say, as long as it does not turn into a mud slinging he said / she said type of topic.  Yes there are ones out there who will from time to time do things that none of us care for but, I am at that point in life now that childish going on's have become a part of life and until now, perhaps, I did not realize that it has always been that way.  You always here the term "grow up" and yet most of us never do.


This has all become a "money game" and that is so wrong, don't get me wrong, as there is nothing wrong with making money, but in this case we take games from the original creators and then turn them into our own for profit, and without their permission, that is wrong.   This is exactly why most game creators tend to get feisty when they see their games on another site that does not have their permission to do so, they know you are charging money for the work they did.


With this being said, we need to let a sleeping dog lie as it is not going to change anytime soon, we just need to move on and acquire our games from elsewhere.  If no one is paying attention to those who have become infatuated with the possibility of making money and now are getting nothing for their work, perhaps, they too will see that the term "grow up" actually applies to them as well

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Let me just say this, my post above is not pointed at any single person, it is all of us, myself included, that should take a step back and re-evaluate what we do daily.  We are all in this together as we are looking for the same thing, games that our members enjoy to play.  It is like the song says "Why can't we be friends".  The more we do to help each other, the more we can all enjoy and reap the benefits.  To all of you who have downloaded a game or two from this site, that has been blocked for your site, I apoligize but it is not anything that I have any control over

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Well said Legionaire, it has always been this way site locking etc. It was one of the reasons I stopped converting flash games, there used to be a great group of coders but unfortunately it slowly disbanded due to greed and jealousy. If it hadn't been for the coders that visit here at ipsproarcade and shared their knowledge I can honestly say that I would never have bothered moving onto html5 games and the continuous sharing of knowledge is one of the ways we ALL progress further.

Edited by Logan
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Pour information
Voila ce que moi j’ai reçu de mon fournisseur Vps.

J'ai volontairement remplacé les liens sensible par des x.



Chèr(e) xxx,

Nous avons détecté des fichiers infectés par des malwares et/ou virus, sur votre serveur VPS-xxx

Afin de préserver votre serveur nous les avons déplacés dans le dossier /xxx .

Ceux-ci seront conservés 30 jours et ensuite automatiquement supprimés.

Si besoin, n'hésitez pas à contacter notre support technique depuis votre espace client afin d'en savoir plus.


Hello, For information This is what I got from my Vps provider. I have voluntarily replaced the sensitive links with xs.


#### Dear xxx, We have detected files infected with malware and / or viruses on your VPS-xxx server In order to preserve your server we have moved them to the / xxx folder. These will be kept for 30 days and then automatically deleted. If necessary, do not hesitate to contact our technical support from your customer area to find out more.

Voici la liste des derniers fichiers concernés trouvés :
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel05fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel02fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel12fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel20fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel27fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel18fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel04fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel19fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel21fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel23fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel07fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel16fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel28fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel13fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel29fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel30fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel08fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel17fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel09fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel11fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel06fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel22fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel15fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel24fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel25fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel14fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel10fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Casse-briques et Pongs/game_NeonBriBrelevel26fanfan.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Gestions et Simulations/game_SxxxtMonteH5DOT.tar
/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/arcade/tar/bkup/Collapses et Tetris/game_Bl2ockMat8chH5.tar

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