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  1. @Winker - First let me say thank you for your input It is not about money, although I thank you for your offer and your input on how to resolve a very unique issue Problem is that you have to be very careful on how to satisfy the majority without leaving the minority behind I would love to say that I have a great plan on how to resolve a delicate issue that everyone agrees with, but alas I do not, therefore the reason for the poll, which was looking for input by all members of which only a few responded We do not have a lot of members here however, the ones we do have are normally a really good core of responsible adults that abide by the rules and then, there are those who like to push the boundaries to see how far they can stretch the rules. This is not the perfect forum and I do not believe that any one forum is perfect, yes some have hundreds even thousands of members but still have the same type of problems we have here, just on a bigger scale. We do the best we can to try and keep as many members as happy as we can and that is the hardest non-paying job anyone can have
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