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  1. Good call Legionaire I must remember to do that.
  2. I am now getting spammers using the 'Contact Us' by guests
  3. Well said Legionaire, it has always been this way site locking etc. It was one of the reasons I stopped converting flash games, there used to be a great group of coders but unfortunately it slowly disbanded due to greed and jealousy. If it hadn't been for the coders that visit here at ipsproarcade and shared their knowledge I can honestly say that I would never have bothered moving onto html5 games and the continuous sharing of knowledge is one of the ways we ALL progress further.
  4. I did my updates on my test site about the same time as yourself LG, all went smoothly can't see any problems with any of my apps apart from the donations update but that was down to the creator trying to ask for mysql tables that didn't exist (not a smart move lol) all the storage engines are now using InnoDB with no problems, Just need for Ioncube to do the loader for php8.
  5. Please bare in mind if updating, that any marketplace apps that don't work after the update and have not been updated to 4.6 by the respective creator may leave you without the use of that app. A good example is the Chatbox+ it works with 4.6 however if you have to delete it for any reason you cannot then re-install it through the marketplace because the marketplace senses that it is not yet compatible with 4.6.
  6. Error 500 is a server side issue but it doesn't know what the issue is, have you tried rebooting the server?
  7. Who Was Online (Hours) 1.0.6? Who Was Online (Hours).xml
  8. I have had both not the oxford astrazen. Just a sore arm with a bith of nausea the first jab but felt like i had been ran over with a truck on tbe second jab.
  9. Same Here LG I put it to a members poll to see which addons they wanted or used and a lot of the members weren't even aware they were installed. So like yourself we have saved money on not renewing and just leaving until they no longer work at which point they will be un-installed. One thing I would like is at present we can integrate the Chatbox for notifications i.e. game installs the problem being is if you are installing say 50 games you don't really want it to take over the chatbox with 50 notification, remedy is to switch off game installs. how about a system where it counts the number of new installs but instead of it doing the full 50 new games if it sees more than say 5 games it simply notifies that 'New games have been installed'
  10. All I can say is 'Ditto' to what everyone has said so far. Ipsproarcade is the best of them all, it's purely down to the cost of hosting these sites, donations are far and few these days especially with what is going on around the world in general. I would sooner pay for the arcade we have now than have a free one that doesn't meet the standard we have now.
  11. Many thanks for the mention Legionaire, however it has been teamwork between the two of us so credit where credits due bud.
  12. I do it good but you do it better sir.
  13. For anyone having problems with their header and logo try this:- Go the the theme in your ACP Click on edit Html and CSS Click the CSS tab Click Core/Global/Framework/global.css Scroll down until you find:- /* HEADER & MAIN NAV */ #elSiteTitle, #elLogo{ flex: 0 1 auto; min-width: 0; display: inline-flex; align-items: center; align-self: stretch; height: var(--logo--height); } Replace var(--logo--height) with 100% and then click save
  14. Using 4.5 now. with chatbox for 4.5, videobox for 4.5 etc. Trouble with a couple of themes/skins
  15. We did it a lot faster than the original build, but we are back up and running with just a few tweaks and additions to do. We haven't ported the member list over so anyone who was a member before will have to re-register again..
  16. the Edge is what I use, and found it to be ever so slightly faster than chrome etc.
  17. I tried to explain this to the wife but it fell on deaf ears, DD
  18. you can install the supernova extension but I have yet to see a game it can play? Even the supernova player doesn't work and I doubt it would submit if it did work as it is a stand alone player.
  19. I have also just installed the partners page HERE so if anyone would like to take advantage of it please either PM me here; or to get it placed quicker Pm me at my site below. IPSproArcade is already done.
  20. my eyes focus best when it's dark text upon a light background.
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