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  1. Have you tried phpBB lately. Thorsten's arcade, yes is very good, doesn't have the same features as we have with Legionaire's arcade.
  2. I just set up a test site using phpBB, Thunder installed his Arcade Pro for us to check out. It is a great arcade, but lacks a lot of the feature we have in ipsProArcade, and is quite costly. SMF Arcade, this one is not for competitions no challenges installed, but it is free software. I have a site setup for Beta testing Arcadeholics - https://arcadeholics.net/index.php I have asked Chen a few times if he could add more features, but no luck with that. myBB quite the same, plain arcade but again freeware. Myself I think phpBB is the way to go. It can be customized quite simply, ext.'s are added very easy as are the skins and languages. All the ext's and skins and languages are freeware, they do have some paid ext.'s and skins. Just need a cheaper arcade with all the bells and whistles. killbill has an arcade for phpBB, but I don't know anything about it. Legionaire, your on the road often, you drive a truck for a living.
  3. Hmmm… can't reach this page It looks like the webpage at https://ibtheme.com/forums/ might be having issues, or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. ERR_FAILED
  4. Is Sherri closed again "Can't reach this page" ibtheme.com
  5. myBB is free software, not to many used for arcades like we use. Mostly scripts installed: Arcade Webmasters Forum | TalkArcades - Arcade Showroom (thearcadenetwork.com) phpBB is a much better setup and much easier to install the mod.'s
  6. I am hanging on right now by the skin of my ass. I go in the hole every month, between IPS, the Modder's, and the VPS server. With the new increase, I just can't afford this any longer. My Renewal is due 02/04/2022 total $205.00 this is USD funds so add another 35 percentage on for exchange. I think the way things are going, this will be it for me.. I also have a SMF Arcade forum, but this arcade is not built for competitions, no settings to set up game plays.
  7. Please may I include phpBB. phpBB has a nice setup and easy to use, but no arcade.
  8. I also upgraded yesterday, very hesitant about doing it, but I did. I got quite a few notices about skins not going to work, some mod's will not work. Seems anymore all IPS is interested in is making money. IPS has come a long way from the old invision forums, but they are getting to dam expansive to maintain.. I go in the big deep hole keeping my arcade going. Paying out every couple of months for updates and VPS Hosting on top of it all. I didn't know that bfaber didn't work thy any longer. I sure wish our arcade would work with phpBB, they have some cool skins and mod's, best part all free software.
  9. There are some games called Baby Hazel Garden Free online games at Agame.com but i don't see any for downloading.
  10. Yea probably is new, this is where I get the error. In the Arcade itself you can set the notifications with no problems.
  11. OK grab a beer and sit and wait.
  12. OK this is the same as my problem, so now any idea what is causing this?
  13. I find it under Members, Member Settings, Notifications, then Arcade Notifications. Now while I am in this page IPS has a notice for: What is GMP PHP extension, apparently my Host doesn't have it installed.
  14. No members are getting any Arcade Notifications. When I am in the Member Settings under Arcade Notifications and I try to enable it I get this error. See image: Not sure if it the Arcade or IPS Any thoughts on this? Ron.
  15. Then why does Ruffle keep updating.? Myself I use Edge browser. Thanks for the response, guess it's good to know.

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