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  1. Ronald


    In and running good. Thank you tubie
  2. Pete is closing invisionfocus Sad to see Pete leave..
  3. Yes there are. Can I change my vote. I just clicked on Here Comes Santa, I love this one..
  4. Only Christmas theme I can see is White Christmas, the other two do not show.. I enjoy all three anyway, no real favourite, my forum has on Christmas Noel.
  5. OK Thanks. Will upgrade then.
  6. IPB sent out a maintenance upgrade to 4.5.4 is it safe to work with the arcade and skins.
  7. It did. If I have this happen again, is that all I need to fix the problem?
  8. I think I got them, because the tar page came back. arcade/tar/temp/gamedata...gone
  9. I did it agian. How do I find these php files to delete them
  10. Yea I had check marks in the wrong spot.
  11. Any idea how I can keep the Chat Box on my forum to stay open. Everytime I or anyone leaves you have to click the Chat to open it.
  12. I notice some of the games that keep your score and continue adding. I was asking because there is a code installed in one arcade, not sure which arcade program it is.. But I do understand what you are saying.. Maybe in time something will come up. Thanks
  13. Thanks. I just thought I re added.. Thanks Legion, works good now..
  14. Just tried, didn't do anything.

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