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  1. My second dog Abby refused to enter the Vet's building, Stop dead at the door, had to drag her in. The little guy I have now loves it there
  2. How do I stop this from posting each time I install a game, it is not needed.
  3. Thank you. I will delete them.
  4. I have quite a few files in here tar/tmp/gamedata are they suppose to be there?
  5. I am with Contabo using a VPS, for the last two days, I've been getting loads of emails saying, attempted entry denied. Most IP addresses are from China, Belgium. Anyone else having experiences of this.
  6. OK. I'll hold off then until the arcade is ready.
  7. PHP 7.4 End of Life PHP 7.4 will soon be reaching end of life and will no longer receive any security updates. Our November release will introduce a new minimum requirement of PHP 8.0. You are seeing this message because you are currently using PHP 7.4. Please upgrade as soon as possible. My VPS only shows Version php 7.4, how do I upgrade or install php 8.0
  8. I was in Canada at Canadian Tire, having my pickup truck safetied for new plates. I watched on TV. My wife was in the USA at our other home, I could not get back, due to the Ambassador Bridge being shut down. The bridge opened the next day, so I crossed, I was the only vehicle on the bridge except for a long line of truck and trailers, hey I sailed through just like nothing had happened. Very sad day indeed. We now live in a very troubled world.
  9. Sherri fought a good fight. She has been through more than we think. Just when she was ready to make a go, she got hacked and destroyed. Maybe some day, she'll come back, and produce more great theme skins.
  10. Yea I just read the notice. I know while she was gone, her account got hacked, and destroyed beyond repair. She has had a troubled life, I hope she gets ahold and gets on the right line of living.. She is a great person.
  11. Sounds like you had a great life growing up. I also hold a high pressure welding certificate. But I drove big trucks across America and Canada, met a lot of nice women truck drivers. Women are into a lot of different vocations now a days. Welcome to the group. Ron.
  12. What is this all about.. Often thought about cloud
  13. I use soft blue and also use chatbox FREE. Works good for me.
  14. My Host Contabo notified me today, they run a malware program called ImunityAV. They have reported that I have 357 games in my arcade containg malware in the game files, 95% are fanfan games. I have been working the last couple of hours, clicking and ignoring each game one by one. Anyone else ever have this, and if so what did you do to clear it up. Thanks Ron.
  15. Agree. a big hug and thank you, for taking your own time to convert or make the games, I'd like to add a few more, Grimm, Masodo, Stangger, Legionaire.
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