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  1. What is this all about.. Often thought about cloud
  2. I use soft blue and also use chatbox FREE. Works good for me.
  3. My Host Contabo notified me today, they run a malware program called ImunityAV. They have reported that I have 357 games in my arcade containg malware in the game files, 95% are fanfan games. I have been working the last couple of hours, clicking and ignoring each game one by one. Anyone else ever have this, and if so what did you do to clear it up. Thanks Ron.
  4. Agree. a big hug and thank you, for taking your own time to convert or make the games, I'd like to add a few more, Grimm, Masodo, Stangger, Legionaire.
  5. Ronald


    Sorry Daisy, I just seen this message. Just checked your profile, seen you were in ronaldsarcade about three hours ago. Dasiy if you still are having problems, please send me a PM on here. I will take care of this. Ronald
  6. Sherri was on FB last night, she just got the Internet hooked up in their new house.
  7. Hi folks, my arcade forum has a problem, I am using to much disc space, I have just under 60,000 games. Can anyone explain to me how I can check for doubles, triples, etc. I have a lot of games that are all the same, just different recoder names, I have to fine all the extras and remove them. Merry Christmas folks.
  8. Yes thank you, best arcade on the market.
  9. she's back. Has update 7 or more skins so far. She told me she is married now to a great guy, who treats her good. She has restarted the forum and another business and is in a great frame of mind now. She told me she was praying the old customers would come back, she know she has lost some. Some people can go through life with no hic cups, other stumble now and then, but you have to pick yourself up and move on.
  10. I received a message from a member, See below. This is a game that is played by a team of players, and it has multiple stages. Thanks Ron.
  11. Feed back is it has been tried before and not successful. Bad idea I take iy.
  12. oak's wife, came up with a good idea, seeing all or most of the arcade forums, have there own challegnes, maybe between all the arcade forums, we could some how set up a battle of the boards (BOTB) What are your thoughts or ideas on this. Maybe we can kick this around some and come up with some good feedback, and get something going. It would also increase the memberships on the arcade forums that participate in GOTB. Ron.
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