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  1. Chatbox+ 2.2.11_lang_fr Here is the translated language file, but out of context it is difficult to translate. But it should be fine. Voila le fichier langage traduit, mais hors contexte il est difficile de traduire. Mais cela devrait aller. Chatbox+ 2.2.11_lang_fr.xml
  2. Sousbi


    Invision Community v4.5.4 installation without problems thanks
  3. For the chatbox file I think that the translation of the most common sentences are identical to the chabox+ may be that it will maquera some sentences this one will not be translated simply. I could be wrong if another person could confirm ? Thanks If a member could post the Chatbox+ English language file, I would try to translate it into French. Pour le fichier chatbox je pense que la traduction des phrases les plus courante sont identique a la chabox+ peut être qu’il manquera quelques phrases celle-ci ne seront pas traduite simplement. Je peu me tromper si une a
  4. The game 12 Many has a new high score of 91 that was set by @Sousbi crushing the old high score of 80 originally set by @westpat on 11/11/2020 09:05 AM. The game's objective is: Try to count them! You can check other games in the category here V2 Games
  5. Language Pack Chatboxfree 4.1.1 Arcade beta 7 Français.xml
  6. Good morning, Personally I assume that it will no longer work, as if the opposite happens and an alternative is found, it will simply be good news. Thank you for reading me Bonjour, Personnellement je pars sur le principe qu’il ne fonctionnera plus, Comme cela si l’inverse se produit et qu’une alternative est trouvé, cela sera tout simplement une bonne nouvelle. Merci de me lire
  7. Well, I just re downloaded and installed and it works, I was too fast sorry legionaire. Thanks
  8. I'm giving it a try again
  9. Hello legionaire, I downloaded it here yes, but a faith on my site it tells me the above warning. Thanks
  10. Hello Chaki - Water Hop
  11. Hello, Idem v4.5.4
  12. The game Space has a new high score of 8 that was set by @Sousbi crushing the old high score of 6 originally set by @panda on 10/22/2020 12:33 PM. The game's objective is: Space - space game with a small red spaceship, you need to go from one planet to another planet. When you are in the same direction as the other planet, tap the screen or click if you play on PC to switch to the other planet. Try this fun game and show your best score! You can check other games in the category here Thunder HTML5 Games
  13. Good morning, For information on my VPS server. Débian 9 Ipsconfig 3 Works well no worries with assistance. Vps L € 29.99 month see more
  14. Installé et pas de problèmes! Thanks

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