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  1. Hello, On my side I'm here since 2006/2008 approximately, I passed by phpbb, SMF (not bad), vb5 at the level of the arcade that is very very null or rather lack of levelling, except strangger5 which is also a good coder seen the quality of its site. In short, since IPBcoding, I have not found anything better. I'm very satisfied with it, congratulations to tubesock, Legionaire. Personally I don't think I'll change anymore, it's very good like that and then given my age my nerves start to be put to the test. Sorry, if the text is not very clear I use a translator.
  2. Install without problems. Thank you
  3. Sousbi


    Merci tubesock
  4. Hello , Complete update of the French translation. 1.1.1Beta5.xml bimchatbox4.1.1.xml
  5. Invision Community v4.5.4.2 Thank you, No problem.
  6. The Latest version of the French translation 1.1.1Beta4 1.1.1Beta4.xml Thanks for the update, Legionaire and Tubesock
  7. Installation sans problème. Invision Community v4.5.4.2 Merci tubesock
  8. The Latest version of the French translation 1.1.1Beta3. 1.1.1Beta3.xml This part of the file is not translatable.
  9. Invision Community v4.5.4.2 Installed without problem. Thanks @tubesock
  10. Same as Boss Game installation ok Thanks
  11. IPS No problems Thanks
  12. Sousbi


    Update Invision Community v4.5.4.2 No problem with ipsProArcade 1.1.0
  13. Chatbox+ 2.2.11_lang_fr Here is the translated language file, but out of context it is difficult to translate. But it should be fine. Voila le fichier langage traduit, mais hors contexte il est difficile de traduire. Mais cela devrait aller. Chatbox+ 2.2.11_lang_fr.xml

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