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  1. you can install the supernova extension but I have yet to see a game it can play? Even the supernova player doesn't work and I doubt it would submit if it did work as it is a stand alone player.
  2. Thanks for the add Bosss.
  3. I have also just installed the partners page HERE so if anyone would like to take advantage of it please either PM me here; or to get it placed quicker Pm me at my site below. IPSproArcade is already done.
  4. I wondered if you guys had given any further thought regarding the Attack Shop? The only reason i have brought it up again is my members that play it are asking if I would keep my old site running if they pay the hosting fees.
  5. It's fine LG you didn't put me off buying themes from Sherri. I think she has the best mix of themes around.
  6. I'm a little confused LG does this mean we won't know what layout will work with a theme until the theme is purchased and installed?
  7. It is still a shame that Sherri can't see her way to incorporate what is a great look. My personal opinion is that the template you have shown doesn't show enough info?
  8. my eyes focus best when it's dark text upon a light background.
  9. True I suppose it depends on how many edits to the themes that get done it's obviously easier the fewer themes. I try to limit myself the 4 for the different seasons and then a Cpl for xmas and Halloween. Personally I don't favour the dark themes but I know some find them easier on the eyes.
  10. Just a suggestion LG, how about a multi choice Poll? would it make it easier?
  11. I've install supernova swf enabler into google, seems to work ok at the moment and they are hopefully doing versions for FF and Microsft Edge.
  12. here's a gif Tubesock I think they are still 50*50 for gif1
  13. Merry Christmas to everyone here.
  14. Thanks guys, it was confusing because someone (proably me ) accidently installed games into .
  15. Hi guys I could swear I have seen this somewhere but for the life of me I can't find it again. What do i need to do to get the All Game category to show all the games. It's showing approx 1600 games from approx 20,000 and I think they wete installed in error.

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