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  1. I would delete this game LG A as it is one that scores the same score for everyone bud, it slipped through.
  2. I have had both not the oxford astrazen. Just a sore arm with a bith of nausea the first jab but felt like i had been ran over with a truck on tbe second jab.
  3. Logan


    Thanks Guys As Usual installed with no problems at all apart from it no longer brings me a coffee at 7 am.
  4. Remove the OA from the url unless the file has been encrypted.
  5. Logan


    Thanks Guys for the update.
  6. Same Here LG I put it to a members poll to see which addons they wanted or used and a lot of the members weren't even aware they were installed. So like yourself we have saved money on not renewing and just leaving until they no longer work at which point they will be un-installed. One thing I would like is at present we can integrate the Chatbox for notifications i.e. game installs the problem being is if you are installing say 50 games you don't really want it to take over the chatbox with 50 notification, remedy is to switch off game installs. how about a system where it counts the num
  7. All I can say is 'Ditto' to what everyone has said so far. Ipsproarcade is the best of them all, it's purely down to the cost of hosting these sites, donations are far and few these days especially with what is going on around the world in general. I would sooner pay for the arcade we have now than have a free one that doesn't meet the standard we have now.
  8. Many Thanks Wulf
  9. Here's a new updated version. game_Jungle5DiffsH5_LG.tar
  10. Logan


    Installed and works fine, thanks for fixing the chatbox+ also. Regards
  11. Game submits using the Replay button and not the trophy button that is normally used.
  12. Heres a working file LG game_hex_candy_crackle.tar
  13. Many thanks for the mention Legionaire, however it has been teamwork between the two of us so credit where credits due bud.

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