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  1. A report has been filed for Bubble Academy Level 112, please ensure that you provide as much data as possible to help us in resolving the issue for which you are reporting this game. Issue Reported: Does not fully load after selecting the level Browser: Edge Version: 18.18363 Platform: Windows
  2. We did it a lot faster than the original build, but we are back up and running with just a few tweaks and additions to do. We haven't ported the member list over so anyone who was a member before will have to re-register again..
  3. I'm a little confused on what Arcade2013 is trying to address? Is it that there has been no arcade updates for a while? We all know these don't happen overnight, or suggestions that haven't been implemented yet but may be seen in the next release?
  4. The coders are really appreciated for what they do for all of us. I used the example of a 100 level game wondering if anyone would sit through all 100 levels, My preference would certainly be 1 complete game. Until I can get my old brain around the html games I'm just doing a few AS3 flash games to keep me busy.
  5. Deffinately 1 single game for me, or if it consists of say 100 levels split into 2 games. With the flash games we would only split the easy, med and hard.
  6. Yes they came back as a security issue on exactly the same files and line numbers as your image.
  7. Hi guys my previous thread seems to have disappeared in the change over. The only common denominator in these games not loading (Rainforest Adventure and now the Pastry Passion that you don't have here yet) is that they are GameHouse games and the only error is to do with the api, although that seems to change with each game in the series?
  8. the Edge is what I use, and found it to be ever so slightly faster than chrome etc.
  9. I tried to explain this to the wife but it fell on deaf ears, DD
  10. The game Flapcat Christmas has a new high score of 5 that was set by @Logan crushing the old high score of 2 originally set by @Legionaire on 01/27/2020 08:35 PM. The game's objective is: See in Game. You can check other games in the category here HTML5 Games
  11. you can install the supernova extension but I have yet to see a game it can play? Even the supernova player doesn't work and I doubt it would submit if it did work as it is a stand alone player.
  12. Thanks for the add Bosss.
  13. I have also just installed the partners page HERE so if anyone would like to take advantage of it please either PM me here; or to get it placed quicker Pm me at my site below. IPSproArcade is already done.
  14. I wondered if you guys had given any further thought regarding the Attack Shop? The only reason i have brought it up again is my members that play it are asking if I would keep my old site running if they pay the hosting fees.
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