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  1. They want USD 220 per year including addons, if I would get over 300. That was it for me.
  2. No, I don't get a heart attack, just want to say that you complain about others, although some here do it themselves. Meanwhile, I don't care who is blocking who and where. That just shows how childish you are. I also don't stand on one side anymore. Do what you want, just howl softly
  3. Your friend Thunder (Arcade123, Markus, etc.) also installs the locks again. It just doesn't bother me anymore. But complain that others do that. Don't say anything more about that either ...
  4. That was exactly Dragonbyte Tech. Stangger wrote something in 2 forums and never really got an answer. Stangger tried everything. As I said, the lazy thing was not meant by stangger.
  5. No stangger, you did a great job. I meant the coder who programmed the arcade.
  6. I know the VB5, I tried to get the arcade to work with stangger5, unfortunately without success. There was no support, or he was too lazy. But he wanted money for the premium version. If even the light version doesn't work, what should I do with the premium.
  7. I'll be honest, the arcade here is great. There is nothing like it at the moment. The admins here are great too. You are doing a great job. The arcade has potential and there is still room for improvement. You can add a lot, which of course takes time. Develops add-ons that cost a little, they want to buy them too. E.g. subcategories, bounty hunting, tournament announcement for the forum index etc. ...
  8. I have had the best gambling den with the forum software WBB 2.3.6. The gambling den was from a German coder HopfenSchlodel. When creating the gambling den, the developer planned years in advance, he has integrated HTML5 for years, but unfortunately never expanded it. The gambling den had so many options and could do it all. Unfortunately the forum software WBB 2.3.6 will not be further developed, otherwise I would still be there and have a great arcade. Then I wanted to be on phpbb 3's and was the last of the garbage. VB5 didn't have a nice arcade. I will continue to consider whether I should continue upgrading IPS. The plugins are slowly becoming very expensive. The problem is that you want to offer something, but nobody uses it.
  9. Hello members, we all went through a lot of terrible things this year. Especially the people from the United States. Events happened rapidly and the news was mostly dramatic. The worst thing we had to go through together is this effing Covid-19. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year 2021. Since I live in Germany, I have a time advantage over Legionaire of 8 hours. EVERYTHING REMAINS HEALTHY
  10. I also remember that in Germany many events were on the brink. It was said that we couldn't celebrate at such an event, which of course I could understand. It was terrible... Unfortunately, many theories were brought up, which unsettled one. E.g. The Wold Trade Center was blown up, no airplane flown into the Pentagon, but a rocket and only parts of a small airplane that was only concerned with the gold, what was in the tower, etc. You don't know what to believe. I had a lot of respect for the helpers.
  11. But she is always online because she always changes her avatar.
  12. Thanks for looking in the styles.
  13. How can I display round avatars in the forum again? Searching in the ACP unfortunately didn't work. I am 100% sure that they were round before.
  14. All the best and a lot of strength
  15. In my opinion, the buttons in the header don't match the style. But that's a matter of taste. I noticed that the contributions of the border-radius are not correct everywhere.
  16. At Sherri the support fell asleep, considering that you pay over 80 dollars. Private life is a priority. Older styles are also not adapted to the current IPS version. You will also be addressed if you request an adjustment. I also got some from IPSFocus and have to say that they work better without major adjustments. I am now specifically referring to Arcade only. I was already thinking about creating some myself, but unfortunately I don't have the time.
  17. The languages that are offered are not 100% translated. I also spent several hours using Google Translate. As soon as it comes to plugins, you are 95% alone, unless someone has already done so in your preferred language, which is rare.
  18. I wouldn't install that many languages, so everything you want translated will have to be translated for each language. There could be a lot of work. I deliberately chose only two languages.
  19. I do everything in 2 languages, German and English. I have no problems.
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