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  2. But she is always online because she always changes her avatar.
  3. You should include all options so that everyone is satisfied. Otherwise, there would be more inquiries about how to change that.
  4. Thanks for looking in the styles.
  5. How can I display round avatars in the forum again? Searching in the ACP unfortunately didn't work. I am 100% sure that they were round before.
  6. @Volstate I think we had the problem here before and it was because of the links that the style didn't handle. Hold the mouse over Play Game and see which link that shows it? And compare that with the standard style ...
  7. All the best and a lot of strength
  8. In my opinion, the buttons in the header don't match the style. But that's a matter of taste. I noticed that the contributions of the border-radius are not correct everywhere.
  9. At Sherri the support fell asleep, considering that you pay over 80 dollars. Private life is a priority. Older styles are also not adapted to the current IPS version. You will also be addressed if you request an adjustment. I also got some from IPSFocus and have to say that they work better without major adjustments. I am now specifically referring to Arcade only. I was already thinking about creating some myself, but unfortunately I don't have the time.
  10. The languages that are offered are not 100% translated. I also spent several hours using Google Translate. As soon as it comes to plugins, you are 95% alone, unless someone has already done so in your preferred language, which is rare.
  11. I wouldn't install that many languages, so everything you want translated will have to be translated for each language. There could be a lot of work. I deliberately chose only two languages.
  12. I do everything in 2 languages, German and English. I have no problems.
  13. marco2306


    Was willst du uns damit sagen? Umbau eines HTML5 Spiel für die Arcade? What do you mean by that? Rebuilding an HTML5 game for the arcade?
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