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  1. The game Stick Santa has a new high score of 7 that was set by @zetek david crushing the old high score of 4 originally set by @tipper on 12/08/2019 02:38 PM. The game's objective is: See in Game. You can check other games in the category here HTML5 Games
  2. Hi have a Plugins for delete notification, but you can't select notification that you want to delete, this plugins clear all notification. Clear Notifications.tar
  3. Yesss ok, thats cool, i see now, thank you😀
  4. Hi there, I don't know why but i don't see anything on my admin panel to put report game or new game install on a category forum, when i clik on default, i see option to put Challenge on a category forum, but for the new game or report i cant select wich category to put.
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