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  1. bosss


    You mean here -
  2. bosss


    Take a look here - from 5-12-2020
  3. bosss


    If we have no challanges - on arcade home page shows Challange skin part - should be fixed long time ago! Look before - and now seems ok! (my site).
  4. bosss


    Installed and no issues. Thanks boys! Still challanges skin part is not fixed on arcade home page? (do not understand why so many restrictions about highscores - arcade is made to play and beat everybodies highscores - personally have not any problem with that).
  5. bosss


    Updated - no problems! Thanks boys and girls
  6. To make own tournaments in arcade. Before we made so and was very popular! Made one usergroup (arcade players) Made one category with 10 games and only players who will play tournament could see games in that category. Made tables with players name - games name and places (with points) for players Player who win tournament - got some diplom (picture) with his/her name and datum and what tournamet was!
  7. You are welcome! See my signature!
  8. The only reason why i ma still on IPS is your arcade. IPS become money hungry and problem is that you must have all sofware and apps and plugins latest versions - you can not download your (our) paid files and not at all some versions before. Should recommend @tubesock and @Legionaireto try make arcade for vb5 (all mods and very useful plugins are free) and you can download them. Already made vb5 site to make some tests and soon will move (with arcade) Maybe also downgrade to 4.4.10 (worked fine and have all plugins and apps on harddisk!
  9. bosss


    Installed and no problems! Thanks!
  10. A report has been filed for X-Pipes, please ensure that you provide as much data as possible to help us in resolving the issue for which you are reporting this game. Issue Reported: Work not - can not start to play! Browser: Firefox Version: 85.0 Platform: Windows
  11. bosss


    Works fine - no issues! Thanks @Legionaire and @tubesock!
  12. I just do not understand - some themas can play AS3 games and some not? Point is in some edits ?
  13. I mean edits from server side - not browsers! For browsers needs edits in skins?

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