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  1. to sort icons can be nice but black line resolved was nice!
  2. Ok sir - no problem for me
  3. @Legionaire maybe - Photo / Player Name - and more put not empty "box"
  4. But under are members icons, not in same on pictures is some "grap"
  5. All skins have miss in all code <th class=" " data-key="photo"> </th> Problem in arcade
  6. @Legionaire Not wrong - but my eys see same problem on my site Attached image
  7. I see - can you 3 more? Asked Ehran buy no answer yet!
  8. Arcade 1.1.3 Default IPS - not ok see Ehans ok not ok And what are settings ? see @Legionaire please
  9. Ask @Ehlen - he has fix I have no Arcade 1.2.3 and can not ask him (i know he see site for problem)! @Legionaire all skins do work
  10. New Arcade 1.2.3 are looks not ok
  11. @Legionaire see here and use game play here - not from arcade
  12. https://ipsproarcade.com/index.php?/forum/60-board-support/
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