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  1. Thanks marco, I thought,that is what you meant. I dont know if I really wont to work on dragonbyte-tech arcade. If I get everything working, it will benefit dragonbyte-tech. He charges $50 for a non working pro version..
  2. That kind of sounds, like your calling me lazy.
  3. I just starting playing with ruffle and installed it on my site.
  4. I had it posted below the game on my site, saying you only get one life. That is how the game coder made it, why I dont know.
  5. Replay the game. When the game starts, click on the setting button. Top right.
  6. I know how to fix this problem now. I`ll be updating the game files.
  7. You can edit the game link in the gamedata/baseball-for-clowns/index.html file. Look for: <script src="/arcade/gamedata/baseball-for-clowns/baseball-for-clowns.js"></script> change it to: <script src="https://your-site-here.com/arcade/gamedata/baseball-for-clowns/baseball-for-clowns.js"></script> or where your gamedata folder is.
  8. Have you tried the Cookies Settings? Reject All or Accept All Save and Continue
  9. Sorry to hear, my condolences.
  10. I think its missing some files. Should be 82 files. gamedata/FarmFeverLevel03fanfan/assets/images/spritesheets/desktop/animations You might have to unzip the .tar file and upload/overwrite everything in the animations folder.
  11. You have to click on the number block and drag it up.

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