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White Christmas - playing left


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1 minute ago, Legionaire said:

I have used both FF and Chrome and they look fine in both, games play centered on the screen in both browsers and using layout 2



You should test with Swedish Windows 10 pro  😀 - I use default IPS theme and no problems there!

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Hi Guys

A bit more info, Boss is partially correct I tested using I.E10, FF and Google all showed the game to the left; however its only certain games for me such as 007 Everything or nothing.

Other games sit correct and centred.


I tried the update of this skin and it threw my forum out of whack, the topic and number of posts that sits to the right of the forums doesn't display correctly but on my test site they do. Both my main site and test site are identical ( same apps and plugins etc ) with matching versions of everything.

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It was here LG that I tested that game in particular. However the white xmas  at my site went threw up errors when I updated from 4.4.5 to 4.4.8, I downloaded the 4.4.9 version tonight and un-installed the 4.4.5 and installed the fresh 4.4.9 and everything is right again.


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