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  1. The game Bike Racing Add Easy has a new high score of 8,200 that was set by @tubesock crushing the old high score of 7,780 originally set by @westpat on 07/22/2020 08:01 AM. The game's objective is: Win the race by clicking on the correct answer to speed up the motorcycle. Clicking on an incorrect answer will slow your motorcycle down. In This game you will have to click the correct answer of a math sum. You can check other games in the category here HTML5 Games
  2. The game ZZZ Snake has a new high score of 30 that was set by @tubesock crushing the old high score of 2 originally set by @Montecarloss on 06/28/2020 03:28 PM. The game's objective is: ZZZ Snake is a game similar to Zig Zag Line. Again, you should avoid using the snake to touch blocks that are not the same color as the snake itself. Play with your mouse or fingers, but collect the same colored blocks with the snake to get points. In this game you can try two different modes. Find out for yourself which one is better for you. You can check other games in the category here Thunder HTML5 Games
  3. They show fine on the default theme, has to be with the theme you are using then. If there's a way for your to revert changes made to the arcade parts of the theme, that would probably fix it.
  4. Can you view the default theme? The changes that were made are probably causing an issue, did you just upgrade your forums as well?
  5. Also, try clearing your cache, AdminCP->Support->Something isn't working correctly->Continue
  6. Have you made any changes to the forum templates? No known issues like what you're describing ever.
  7. So sorry to hear that, my condolences.
  8. It depends when the Reset took place, if it took place in the early hours of May, then it will name it May (if you are using the auto naming option). I will put in a rename function so admin's can rename the archive periods to something more accurate, like April instead of May. (I originally had it to name the period it was processing 24 hours before, but then I realized that quite a few admins schedule their resets for all different time periods. I could make this the default, but will still be adding in a "Manage/Rename" archive periods.) Input is appreciated.
  9. I've been meaning to whip up something soon, you can check in the League Standings right now for the Archive that you want... I'll be making it so you can pull up the Archived data in HoF and in High Scores. Thanks and stay tuned!
  10. I would suggest version 10.3.9, that's the latest Stable release.
  11. I'll run some tests on it, but that code has remained untouched for quite a while... here is a challenge we ran on here a few months ago: https://ipsproarcade.com/index.php?/ipsproarcade/gotd/show/1/ Will look into the entire process.
  12. You need to pick the size of the toolbar (Large/Medium/Small) and then you need to drag the buttons from below the box into the toolbar area of the editor box.
  13. You will probably need to go to ACP->Customization->Toolbars and edit the Small/Medium/Large Toolbars and add the buttons that you need. I'm not crazy about it, but really no other way around it.
  14. Here is a feature/option list that is not nearly complete: Unlimited Flash and HTML5 Games High Scores w/Comments per game Hall of Fame Scores When changing category, show all lists/top players from that category, on/off Notification of High/HOF Scores when beat (adjustable in Notification preferences) Show all games if no category is selected Set Notifications to be sent from player or specify otherwise Rounded images on/off regardless of Theme settings Games View Label new games for specified period or disable Set default row layout Set default sort method Set default sort direction Categories Group Permissions per Category Password Protection per Category High Score Topic Posting per Category Game Installation Topic Posting per Category Game Issue Reporting per Category Challenge Wishes per Category Order Categories in the order you like How many categories to show per row Game Installer via .tar files, 50 at a time Upload through Web Interface FTP Upload Game Manager Disable/Enable Games (Mass Disable/Enable available) Move Game Category (Mass movement available) Edit all fields related to a game Mass Edit several games at a time Currency System (Points) Reward players for playing games based on game points to point ratios Players earn jackpots for getting high score Manage all aspects of point system on a per game basis or use the system override for 1 arcade wide setting Reward players for playing each day Reward players for Rating games Reward players for Setting High Scores Reward players for Setting Hall of Fame Scores Game Challenges Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly/Team Custom Time and Date end of challenge Control Number of attempts to get best score Control Number of players to play challenge Ability to Wish a game to be in a challenge Wish Limits Anti Hunting Specify all aspects; number of scores, time frame, punishment Specify user groups, game categories, new games for inclusion/exclusion Score Resetting Set a schedule Arcade Announcement Enable/Disable, use Rich Text editor to create Anti Shadowing Lock a game from being played after a high score is established for specified duration Specify game categories, new games for inclusion/exclusion Extensive Logging of what's going on in your Arcade Statistical views of Arcade activity Default # of Rows to show in most tables Set # of Random Games to show Set # of Popular Games to show Set # of Top Players to show Set # of New Games to show Set # of Latest Scores to show Admin can control # items to select from to show or force default for users to select from: Arcade categories to show each row Games to show per page Number of rows to show in most tables Number of random games to show Number of popular games to show Number of top players to show Number of new games to show Number of latest scores to show Show names formatted or not throughout the arcade League option, admin can set points to be awarded for Top Ten finishes Widgets Chatbox and Chatbox + Integration Copyright Removal Option
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