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  1. The game Bike Racing Add Easy has a new high score of 11,560 that was set by @Eagle_Kiwi crushing the old high score of 8,200 originally set by @tubesock on 07/23/2020 06:54 AM. The game's objective is: Win the race by clicking on the correct answer to speed up the motorcycle. Clicking on an incorrect answer will slow your motorcycle down. In This game you will have to click the correct answer of a math sum. You can check other games in the category here HTML5 Games
  2. Same for me! On my site it Submits fine (although takes a few seconds pause after clicking Submit) - but here, using PaleMoon, I find the Submit button appears to move slightly when clicked, but simply never goes anywhere.
  3. Eagle_Kiwi


  4. Oh, thank you. I live and learn. Well, after that tiny glitch it all went perfectly smoothly - I just hope I may remember how to do this next time. Cheers. :)
  5. Oh dearie me. It all looked completely simple and straightforward - but - I'm stuck at the very first step. :( I can't find an "arcade/tar" folder. I find "/forums/arcade", but that has no sub-folders - only 4 PHP files and zillions of SWF files. No other file types, and NO FOLDERS. (See screenshot) Please, what am I doing wrong here ?
  6. TYVM for doing that, LG. :) Ok, I'll try those steps for the other large .tars I find - and hopefully let you know how it goes.
  7. Ah. ok, thanks for that. :) I guess we'll just live with it in the meantime anyway.
  8. A rare few tar files don't seem to work under the tar installer - it seems to add a whole string of letters/numbers to the filename, then fails to install it (presumably because the filename is now wrong!?). Recently I've noticed that affected files are all for relatively large tar files (say 30MB+?). I read somewhere in instructions that 50 is the max number of files in one session, but is there also a maximum individual file size limitation (and if so, any chance of increasing it a whisker!?) ? (I thought I'd read somewhere that max file size was aprox 60MB, but I can't find that detail at present. :( ) A full example of this effect is described here, and another one here. And here are 4 examples of files this occurs with: I suspect that this may happen with ALL(?) files above a certain size, while the vast majority, say 20MB and below, have no such problem. FWIW I believe that in most/all of these cases a Manual Install will work fine (but I'd much prefer not to have to. lol
  9. It's HERE, Harmony. (I see it's not "Agnes2" - it's "Agnes 2" !)
  10. Hi LG. Sorry for the long delay. Currently neither panda nor I are able to do manual installs, so we're happy just to put this one on the back burner for a later time. Thanks for your advice. :)
  11. I guess it's because the Submit Score page for Xmas Connect actually shows, erroneously, as Halloween Connect. I've noticed this (wrong game name in Submit page) in 3 or 4 other games recently, but it doesn't seem to affect anything really - the Submit WILL be for the game you've just played, in this case Xmas Connect - it's just a little unnerving. LOL
  12. ??? Surely THIS is the one? It is for my problem anyway.
  13. The game Color Stars has a new high score of 48 that was set by @Eagle_Kiwi crushing the old high score of 2 originally set by @Sousbi on 06/26/2020 04:42 PM. The game's objective is: Versuche die kleinen Planeten in deiner Umlaufbahn einzusammeln, aber beachte das du immer nur gleichfarbige nehmen kannst. Sei also wachsam und wechsele schnell deine Farbe durch einen klick ins Bild. You can check other games in the category here Thunder HTML5 Games
  14. Aha! . . I too have a problem using TAR Installer for this game. (I just hadn't yet got around to reporting it.) It's fine when I click Choose Files, then Upload, but once that's complete and I do Process Uploads I get THIS:- (And it doesn't appear to have ben installed at all.)
  15. I had downloaded then installed it during the past week or so. But just in case I've just now deleted it, REdownloaded, and REinstalled, HERE. And same problem appears again. !? :( (I've tried in 5 different browsers, including 2 where I cleared all Browser data first, and also in both screen modes, but never does it proceed beyond this black block.)
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