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  1. when you finished first level, you cant click on continue, why?
  2. A report has been filed for Super Mahjong 3D, please ensure that you provide as much data as possible to help us in resolving the issue for which you are reporting this game. Issue Reported: nothing happend aftaer tutorial Browser: Firefox Version: 71.0 Platform: Windows Gname: SuperMahjong3D_Origon
  3. The game Ski Rush has a new high score of 1,305 that was set by @lolibolifolimoli crushing the old high score of 259 originally set by @marco2306 on 12/04/2019 12:09 PM. The game's objective is: Fahre in Ski Rush den Abhang herunter und sammle die Fahnen ein. Pass aber auf Steine und Bäume auf, die dich stürzen können. You can check other games in the category here HTML5 Games

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