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  1. I have tryed again and it still freeze at connecting to game
  2. I got the game here https://gamedistribution.com/games/ninja-jump
  3. the game end every time you hit the end of the trail
  4. The game Forest Match Level 79 has a new high score of 2,614 that was set by @origon crushing the old high score of 2,220 originally set by @Legionaire on 06/21/2020 07:37 PM. The game's objective is: You will be able to distract yourself for a long time by combining fruits, flowers and other elements. You will have objectives to achieve for each level: to make a minimum score, to collect a certain number of elements, to clean the tray of shaded boxes, etc. For this, you will have to make combinations by swapping two elements in order to ... You can check other games in the category here Origon HTML5 Games
  5. This one should be okay game_WordSearch_Origon.tar
  6. You have to make all rooms or fail a room before you can submit score, when you have finished a room wait a minit and then you will see what to do it say click here to continui
  7. Thank you legionaire it's working fine, but i don't understand the score, i tryed the game on my site and lost in level 9 and only got a score on 993 points
  8. That's what i was saying, it won't work on ipspro and i can't find the reson. i saw that my score was takken now so it's not only me who can play the game on my site.
  9. Somehow this game don't work on ipspro arcade, i have it on my site and there it work very well
  10. You have to win the level to get your score.
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