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  1. Thank you legionaire it's working fine, but i don't understand the score, i tryed the game on my site and lost in level 9 and only got a score on 993 points
  2. That's what i was saying, it won't work on ipspro and i can't find the reson. i saw that my score was takken now so it's not only me who can play the game on my site.
  3. Somehow this game don't work on ipspro arcade, i have it on my site and there it work very well
  4. You have to win the level to get your score.
  5. the game have no score or you have to win to get
  6. I just played the game here, and got to level 4 with 7880 points and that was the highscore of all 4 levels.
  7. The game Shamans Treasure Levelpack has a new high score of 7,860 that was set by @origon crushing the old high score of 2,740 originally set by @Arcade2013 on 03/16/2020 12:21 PM. The game's objective is: The treasures of the shaman have not been discovered yet! Make a chain of gems to activate magic powers. Solve puzzles and discover powerful treasures in this exciting triple-matching puzzle game. You can check other games in the category here Mahjong and Connect (H5)
  8. I had a look at Arkadium Who have the Trizzle game and they only have one if you search for trizzle 2 on Arkadium nothing come up i wonder why Trizzle 2 is in Redone catecory it's not a zygomatic game.
  9. I know, but the links don't work on htmlgames.com so i could not get it to work.
  10. The problm is in some games it's imposiple to find the score for the whole game, then the game end up with only one level, and as you know from most of the games level one is nearly just a tutorial. That's why some games is better to split up in single levels.
  11. origon


    all this can't be used anymore if we want the games legaly on our site.
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