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  1. I just got my second shot today, it was pfizer, and i havent got any problem with it.
  2. It work fine for me, use the right mouse button to shoot
  3. This one work game_BubbleDragonsSagaLevel154fanfan.tar
  4. Here you have a new one fishmahjong_Origon.tar
  5. @Legionaire This one work on my site, just change index.html game_MagicCastleSolitaire_Origon.tar
  6. I played the game and it submit fine when i finished level one, i don't think you can play more than level 1 But it game this when i want to try the game again This game is temporarily locked for 56m 13s, please try again then
  7. A new Team Challenge wish has been made for Barrel Rolling You can play this game here Barrel Rolling Description of game Race with Puss in Boots and try to get as many pieces as you can. You can download this game here Barrel Rolling
  8. It some times happend that the capital letters are going to small letters when you install the game I have changed the name on the game to small letters and used another kind of score code so try this one game_flowergardensolitaire_origon.tar
  9. Are this the only game who do that? If so i am a little lost, it normaly only do so when the file name is something other than the name in score code and it is not here
  10. Try this one the file is inserted in this game game_FlowerGardenSolitaire_Origon.tar
  11. Try to insert this thirdparty.js in the game and see if it work ThirdParty.js

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