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  1. Okay, thanks Legion for the info. :)
  2. I'm forever having to keep giving Chrome permissions with every forum, every day the right to use flash to play any games. Is there an easier way with Chrome so it remembers my settings for flash every time I want to play some games?
  3. Is the current arcade set up going to be an option for the admin to choose? :)
  4. From all the themes I have purchased over the years, they still are not showing for me. I'm still waiting for support on a latest theme. It is a shame as Sherri makes beautiful themes. I'd hate it to be the end of her great work.
  5. Ah yes, I hadn't set this: Enable Wish Posts? Thanks very much Legion :)
  6. Hello, sorry to be a pain. I've received a report that the challenge link is not showing up on some games. I've gone through a few different games on their high score pages and also tried different themes, some show up and some don't.
  7. Yeah, I can understand that would be too many buttons. Fair enough and thanks for the explanation. :)
  8. Yes, I see that now. Never noticed it before. Thanks :)
  9. OKay, I see it now, thanks. Would be a nice addition to have it more revealing, like on the game card itself.
  10. Hello, I think I am just not seeing it. Where in the arcade can a member click on a game to choose it as the next game challenge? Here or on my forum.
  11. Hello, I am using an SSL certificate for my website. For some reason when I click on the arcade link on my website, it will say 'not secure' just before the domain name, as it would if you did not use the SSL certificate. Usually my domain ends in .co.uk but on the arcade page it has index.php?/ipsproarcade/ after the .co.uk. I just think it's odd, curious really why that might be.
  12. Glad you got it working. So something affecting it on my site then. I wish I knew what that was.
  13. That's the version I am using now. :) It must be something in the template that is affecting it, something not there which is there in the other templates where it is working.
  14. Hello, I am wondering if somebody could help me out. I have installed the Group Name Indicator on 4.4. It works on 2 of my themes but not the one theme called Twilight. It works on Dream theme and the IPB theme. I am not sure why it does not work on the Twilight theme. I have uninstalled the theme, the plugin but still does not work on the on theme. Does anybody know if I am able to get this to work somehow? Thanks!
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