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  1. Mercury


    All good. Thank you tube and legion.
  2. Sad news indeed. Pete, one of the best guys out there. I wish him well.
  3. I do like all three so it was very difficult to choose between them. I have chosen 'Here Comes Santa'. Legion, if I Had known you had this theme, I would have bought this one instead :P but it's okay, I like White Christmas too. :D
  4. Okay, so I changed my email address to a different one and I am now receiving board notifications. :)
  5. Yes, checked it again earlier. It's set to receive messages automatically. :)
  6. I'm still not getting anything. Maybe it's my email addy. It is an old one but have no issues with it otherwise.
  7. Glad it's not just me then.
  8. This is now sorted. Thank you Legion. :)
  9. Thank you so much. Will check now.
  10. Hello, I'm not receiving any board notifications via email. I have it all set up, have done for a long time but only receive inline notifications. Just a FYI.
  11. Yes, a long while ago when I upgraded from IPB3 and got it straight from the marketplace. I have the Paypal email if you want me to forward it to you. :) I removed it at one point because of some issues that I couldn't get resolved as Sherri wasn't around. I saw that a few people are using it from the 4.47 version and decided to try it again.
  12. Yes, yours has a dark background and looks good. Your pic:
  13. Hello, does anybody know how to change the game card colour within the arcade for the Twilight theme? I know it's not really for 4.5. Here's my pic:
  14. Hello, does anybody know how to get the emotions to work in the Chat box using the Twilight theme?

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