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  1. This is a great milestone we have undertaken from extraordinary talented and kind souls that reach out to help others which is so endearing. Thank you @Legionaire @Logan @tubesock @bosss
  2. I'm glad you asked about this as I was going to do the same but you beat me to it. :P :) So am I assuming right that the path goes to the www. directory? For the arcade skin code, would that go in arcadephoto.css or somewhere else?
  3. I need to take a look at the server one to install and see if I have .wasm running.
  4. Some issues with some of the games either on a loop loading or not submitting but for the most so far, so good.
  5. Yes, it does indeed work. This is great. :D
  6. Tried Pale Moon. Very slow. Could not get Flash to work.
  7. Thanks for the information guys. :) Oh well, six days to go to find out.
  8. It is a big shame it has gone this way as Sherri has made such great themes, ones that you do not see by other theme developers.
  9. Sad news indeed. Pete, one of the best guys out there. I wish him well.
  10. I do like all three so it was very difficult to choose between them. I have chosen 'Here Comes Santa'. Legion, if I Had known you had this theme, I would have bought this one instead :P but it's okay, I like White Christmas too. :D
  11. Okay, so I changed my email address to a different one and I am now receiving board notifications. :)
  12. Yes, checked it again earlier. It's set to receive messages automatically. :)
  13. I'm still not getting anything. Maybe it's my email addy. It is an old one but have no issues with it otherwise.
  14. Glad it's not just me then.
  15. This is now sorted. Thank you Legion. :)
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