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ibtheme closed ?

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2 hours ago, bosss said:

:biga:  Please no her ....


:smile4:  she's back. Has update 7 or more skins so far.


She told me she is married now to a great guy, who treats her good. She has restarted the forum and another business and is in a great frame of mind now.

She told me she was praying the old customers would come back, she know she has lost some.

Some people can go through life with no hic cups, other stumble now and then, but you have to pick yourself up and move on.

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15 hours ago, bosss said:


Not more now! Closed!


Yea I just read the notice. I know while she was gone, her account got hacked, and destroyed beyond repair.


She has had a troubled life, I hope she gets ahold and gets on the right line of living.. She is a great person.

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I wish her the best of luck. She did some awesome work with themes and graphics.



IBTheme Is Permanently Closed

I struggled with this decision for a while, but after careful consideration, I’ve decided it’s time to close IBTheme for good. After updating 40 themes and releasing 5 new ones, there just were not enough sales to warrant staying open. I’m truly very sorry. It has been a great run and I will always truly miss being an IPB theme designer, but it’s just not possible for me to make a living on 3 sales a month. (if that) Weather I’m present every day or absent for a month at a time, the sales just aren’t there. Thank you to all my loyal customers for staying with me over the years. This is a sad day for me. I will miss you all. I will continue to offer custom themes to those that want them. Email me at IBTheme at Gmail Dot Com.

Ownership rights to any premium theme can be purchased for $300 (The same cost as a custom theme) $200 each additional theme when purchasing more than one.

The IBTheme domain is for sale for $1000 USD / Valued at $1193 USD

The IBSkin domain is for sale for $1000 USD / Valued at $1454 USD

$1700 USD to purchase both together.



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