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  1. And site is down again... https://www.sherrileason.com/forums/index.php
  2. Good to hear you stay. Would feel kinda stupid believing in a project, purchasing a lifetime license (not even 2 years ago) and also providing a full translation for free. In my opinion that would be much worse than IPS raising their prices after 10+ years. But if the Invision version is indeed discontinued completely, would at least the unencrypted code be released on Github or something like that?
  3. The link works, only no SSL. Why don't you just move on and use better supported themes like from Ehren or Taman?
  4. They are back to 6month renewals now btw.
  5. I meant you can't purchase the single Core (which would be enough in theory), you have to buy one application too. And Pages is much cheaper than Forums (USD 80,-), that's why I suggested Pages
  6. There is a plugin on the MP that can exclude single widgets from being cached. Sadly don't remember the name at the moment
  7. Already seen that, going to cancel some applications in my licenses I don't need anymore too. But what do you need to run this arcade? Basically just Core and Pages, which will be USD 45,- a year to create an amazing website. Did you know that you can even emulate a forum with pages? Or bundle it with a free forum and viola
  8. I am using Flash Player 2021 on Chrome/Linux now, works fine for me so far.
  9. You can get the latest versions and updates of this plugin here, this will not be availiable on the Marketplace anymore. https://invisionify.com/files/file/25-who-was-online-hours/ [edit] For german speaking members / Deutsches Supportforum und Download https://invisionfocus.de/files/file/61-wer-war-online-stunden/
  10. Ok, let me explain, this is what the users see https://ipsproarcade.com/index.php?/profile/904-v0rt3x/badges/ On the left you see the ranks. For example you get the contributor badge for 250 points by default, but you can change the number of points. In Rules in your AcminCP you can set how many points you get for which action. When a content item is posted 20 points, when a comment/reply is posted 1 point and so on (you can change that too). And because every community is individual, there is no list on IPS, you see everything in your ACP anyway. So your rank is based on all the points you get from different actions. In the past and on other forums the users climbed up in their rank only with postings. So spammers usually got a better ranking than more quiet members, even if they post better content. You can reward those by giving them more points when their post is marked as best answer, or whatever. A little bit complicated to explain, just take at the rules by yourself. Then there are the badges that can be given for anniversaries, like 500th post, 1 year membership and more. And last but not least there are individual badges that are not given automatically, you can reward chosen members manually with whatever you want, you don't need to create rules for that. Like already said, it's not easy to explain, especially when english is your second language, but if you have any questions feel free to ask.
  11. I don't think so, for example XenForo (which I used for about 8 years is much more expensive on long term. Isn't a renewing term of 6 month with a small amount much better than paying every 12 month with a big amount? You don't have to renew every time, you can take a break for a couple of month when there is nothing new. That's the same everywhere. Just don't buy every plugin or application you don't essentially need. ibProArcade for vB4 was developed by MrZeropage in 2005. As far as I remember he became a little bit inactive because of family reasons. In 16 years much can happen and the arcade was always a free addon (and still is). As an old vB4 user I've taken a look at vB5 too, several times over the years and it was a code catastrophe every time. https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/592432-v0rt3x666/content/?type=downloads_file&change_section=1 ;) Best regards
  12. As for the free plugins, we are taking care of them, support them in the future and upgrade them to the latest IPS versions. Of course they will stay free and be availiable on the Marketplace for AdminCP installation AND Invisionify.com if you prefer direct downloads.
  13. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/458084-add-forum-icon-image-to-default-skin/?do=findComment&comment=2827163
  14. The flag is triggered by the locale on the server. Look here, I have two languages installed, English and Deutsch (German)... But I use only one locale, so I get only one flag. Maybe you should check your server if the locale is still working correctly.
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