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We have several (ok many) themes that are available for use on the site and would really like to get an opinion of what themes you think are the best ones.  I would like to trim down the amount of themes that we have and begin to focus on providing themes from different themers to show that the arcade can operate "out-of-the-box" with the current arcade layout.  So please if you have time, could you go through and provide some input on your favorite themes whether it be 1 theme or 10

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True I suppose it depends on how many edits to the themes that get done it's obviously easier the fewer themes. I try to limit myself the 4 for the different seasons and then a Cpl for xmas and Halloween. Personally I don't favour the dark themes but I know some find them easier on the eyes.

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There were over 20 template edits that had to be done to make the arcade fit into the design of the theme.  The bigger problem is that when there is a major update and all of the themes have to be re-designed I do not want to have to go through them all again trying to figure out how to make them work with the arcade

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