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  1. Thanks Tubesock. That is the way I do mine. Midnight the last day of the month. I appreciate all you do.
  2. Thanks, and just to clear up my foggy mind. The standings for the Month of May, are the current standings, or they are how the month finished when the score reset from April.
  3. Sorry, I've been rebuilding my deck, it was about to fall down it was so old. All done now. I must have accidentally deleted that option from my menu. I have it back now, and from what I understand they can tell who was in 1,2,3rd place for whatever month they select. The points are accumulative as set in the League section, but they can tell what place they finished the month in. :) That should suffice fine. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.
  4. Looks like I don't have something set right, or it didn't install?
  5. Thanks for all you do. I usually post a screenshot of the past months Current Arcade Champions just before the score reset but sometimes I miss the chance. I just need to be able to show who had the high trophy count at the end of the month. " Where, or what directory is that located in. I'm overlooking it I think.
  6. Hi tubesock. is there a way to access this information, to see who had the most trophies in a given month? I can't locate where. Thanks for all you do.
  7. I know you have the "Redone" Category. I noticed in the thank you thread to the game convertors, I probably misunderstood (too many meds). Are all the games (html5) now converted? Or do we continue to follow the Redone category for the converted games. Thanks to all of you, for all you do!
  8. A super thankyou to the convertors, you make all this possible, along with Legion and Tube Sock. I can't thank you enough.
  9. I didn't see that coming, either. I have seen no problems in support of the Arcade. We all have lives. Keep up the great work Legionnaire, tubesock, and everyone else involved have been helpful. I have had no problems. Again, thank you all for the work, and providing an Arcade for communities.
  10. The game Jewels Blitz 2 Level 02 has a new high score of 4,246 that was set by @Windwalker crushing the old high score of 3,178 originally set by @teardrop on 03/06/2020 11:48 PM. The game's objective is: Jewels Blitz 2 is a new Bejeweled game in which you will have to exchange symbols which will be on 2 adjacent spaces. Just drag them so they change places and watch the result. Your goal will obviously be to form combinations of at least 3 symbols, and to score a maximum of points. You will only be allowed to advance to the next level if you have scored enough points. You can check other games in the category here Jewel Games (H5)
  11. Thanks for all that hard work you did finding them. Will you let us know when you have them all removed/redone, so we can download them with the modifications for com pliancy?
  12. Sounds like a great improvement for mobile players.
  13. It's a nice browser, I use it a moderate amount of time. I'm hoping it stays normal and doesn't follow Chrome and others in trying to protect us to death. But, all in all, it is a good browser and fast.
  14. I like the carbon as well. 👍
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