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  1. Thanks V0RT3X for providing free themes, you are one of the few that still contributes free themes. Applications and plugins? I go for the free when I can now, and limit it to just what I really think I need, not what I want for eye candy. The Arcade is one of the best applications to come along in a looooong time. My thanks to all that provide something for everyone to make communities more enjoyable.
  2. No problem at all, thanks to all for the great work.
  3. Windwalker


    Thanks for the update! Installed flawlessly.
  4. I can't give any good suggestions. IPS is great software, but that is as far as it goes. I have been with them since before 2008. I have seen the switch from forum communities, to business ventures. However, I think they are going to fall flat on their faces before long. The giant WordPress blog is taking over the business sector from IPS. They upgrade too much, nearly each upgrade breaks things, which has led developers to realizing there is a cash cow in charging high prices for mods that were once free, and then tacking on 6 month renewals for upgrade support for the mods. You can't find fr
  5. Installed today, no problems at all. Thanks a ton!
  6. Installed, and no problem. Thanks everyone!
  7. Thanks, I didn't search well enough and missed that topic.
  8. Just started getting some reports from one player this morning. I tried the game and got the same result. Thoughts? Ideas?
  9. Windwalker


    Installed 4.5 No problems. Thanks to Tubesock and everyone for the work!
  10. You may have to contact your host, make sure her certificate renewed when yours did. Also on the http you might check in your forum ACP under System and locate this. If it's turned on, it will block the embedding of http.
  11. Is there a way to save (or maybe I'm overlooking it) the current arcade champions. I see there is an option to archive the scores, but I can't for the life of me locate where they are kept. There are times, when I can't get a screenshot, or I miss taking one, just before the score reset, of the top three champions. Is this kept somewhere that I can get those number of trophies from? So I can post the top three members from the previous month? I see an option to "manage archives" but that only allows me to edit the name of them. Thanks,
  12. Thanks Tubesock. That is the way I do mine. Midnight the last day of the month. I appreciate all you do.
  13. Thanks, and just to clear up my foggy mind. The standings for the Month of May, are the current standings, or they are how the month finished when the score reset from April.
  14. Sorry, I've been rebuilding my deck, it was about to fall down it was so old. All done now. I must have accidentally deleted that option from my menu. I have it back now, and from what I understand they can tell who was in 1,2,3rd place for whatever month they select. The points are accumulative as set in the League section, but they can tell what place they finished the month in. :) That should suffice fine. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.

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