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  1. I like the carbon as well. 👍
  2. I still install and play them. Until they kill it off and it becomes a security risk, I will use them. Then it will be HTML5 or whatever else comes along. Everything is always evolving. Remember how they wanted to kill off Java as being too dangerous. We can be thankful, that never got off to a good start. 🙂
  3. First and foremost, be VERY careful working in the file manager, you can really mess up your site. As Joel R suggests, check first with your provider and see if they provide periodic backups. Then you can slowly learn the file manager. As to your question, Copy your "forums" directory to your backup directory. When restoring, You go into your backup directory you made, and select just the files and folders in that folder, and copy them to your forum directory where your forum is. Restoring should only be done as a LAST resort, many problems can be remedied through your support provider, or IPS support. They are great. Again, seek a simple solution first, from your provider. If nothing available, then use your cpanel. Being on a VPS you may have someone that has root access, and can do your backups simply, with one command, and restore the same way. It's a learning curve truly running a VPS if you've never done it before. I had one about 2 years ago. After some medical problems, I just couldn't keep on top of it. Judging from your comments, it sounds like you must be on a managed VPS, meaning there should be someone there that can assist you in a backup. I'll help as I can, but I don't want to be the cause of a site going down, following my directions. 🙂 You seem to be a quick learner. So here are some basics. There are two components to your forum/arcade. The forum (which contains the arcade that you installed) and the Database. Any problems you encounter, you have to figure out how to solve them, to ensure the components work together. Forum directory: Contains all the files for your forum functionality. All your arcade games. Database: This contains your posts, members information, arcade scores everything that needs information in your forum etc. That is why a database backup, is smaller than a forum backup. You have to have these two components to recover from a failure. 1. Have a backup of all the files in your forum directory. Stored safely in another folder, outside of your forum directory. 2. A recent database backup. Again, I like to help, but assume no liability for loss, damages, asteriod impacts, etc, from the use of instructions herein provided by me.
  4. From your screen shot, which is very helpful, I think you are clicking in the left column to select your forum You should click once on the /home/edsarcaad then select the item/s you want from the "right side pane" . If your forum and arcade is all in one directory in the right pane, select it. Then the copy options will be available. Depending on how yours is set up, your actual forum folder may be under public_html. Joel has a great idea, check with the hosting, and see if they keep a backup they could restore in an emergency.
  5. I don't claim to be an expert by any means. I take no responsibility for any loss. This is the way I have always done my backups from the cpanel. Naturally the backup of your database is a good thing and you seem to have that. In my cpanel, I use the file manager to make a copy of the entire forum folder. I only make an entire backup, if there has been a major revision to the forum, or a lot of mods added. You still need to back up your database often, it contains your posts, members, arcade scores etc. (Click for larger images) Make and name backup folder. Make sure your location is / Check that it appears in your tree. Highlight your forum directory. Clicking once on it. Then select "copy" from your options at the top. Since you have your forum folder selected, the copy box will have the folder listed Then you direct it to the folder you made for your backup. this example was /test/ Now, it can take a while. Especially if you have a large forum and arcade. I've never timed mine, but it was something like an hour. It won't look like it is doing anything, but you can check in a few minutes by clicking your backup folder, and it will be populating. Note: Naturally this is intensive. If your on shared hosting, it may cause the "your site has been limited for 24hours" notice under the "resources" listing of your cpanel. But the 24 hour limit has never had a noticable effect on my site. To restore, you just do the reverse of these steps. copying all the files from the backup folder to your forum folder. Your backup folder can be downloaded if you wish for safe keeping. Or just leave it and restore from it. Whenever I feel the need to make a backup, I just delete everything in the backup folder, and copy over once again the main forum. I hope this helps someone, I have used it on my shared hosting through the cpanel. It has saved me a couple of times.
  6. That's my "Duh" for this Friday. Thanks tubesock, I need to recharge my brain. 🙂
  7. In the ACP for the Arcade. Under the stats. It displays seconds. Is there a possibility that it could be shown in hours and minutes? Thanks,
  8. Sorry I haven't gotten back here. Been busy with home repairs. I just downloaded #3 and #7 from here, that had been reported and not working on my site. Deleted the old game naturally, and then installed those two back. They are now loading.I will just need to reinstall the group, no problem. Thanks,
  9. I tested the first 8 and got the same issue. Removed those. Reinstalled level 7 same issue. H5FanFan
  10. The Bubble Academy level XX games are not loading for some reason. They load here, but not on my site. So that places it pretty much on my end. Has anyone come across this issue and solved it? Game loads to same level and stops. Tested with Firefox, Chromium and Chrome. Upgraded to RC4 Removed one of the Bubble Academy Games (level 7) re-installed All browsers up to date. Thanks,
  11. I agree, have to look to the future when flash is gone, or crippled.
  12. I think it looks great, and covers what you need, at an easy glance.
  13. Thanks Bosss. I appreciate that. I'm just now getting to know how to remove things from the database without breaking everything. Okay tubesock, that makes perfect sense. If you delete a game/s then it deletes the references in the database, such as the game, picture, icon, score and so forth. As Bosss said, if needed, I can clean/remove the arcade items using phpadmin, if I ever had to. Thanks,
  14. While troubleshooting the other day on my test site. I wanted to totally remove a category of games. There were 74 pages of games however. This prompted me to ask. Is it possible somehow to have options/tools in the ACP for Root Admin to remove entire categories and the games if needed? Also, if I should want to remove the Arcade from the forum, and start all over. I know the arcade uninstalls. But can there be a tool/option Root Admin only) to remove/nuke all (or as much) of the arcade database items as possible. Thanks,

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