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  1. A working version of me has been around for a long time. https://ipsproarcade.com/index.php?ipsproarcade/playgame/45757-jelly-splash-crush-levelpack
  2. Game is not broken. You have to play through all 6 levels then you can save.
  3. All fixed versions send to Legion. You now save all of them when you have passed the level. Before that, they only saved when you ran out of trains.
  4. have no problems with Google Chrome. Legionaire could also play and save it.
  5. Spiel geht ohne Probleme. Getestet mit Google Chrome.
  6. I installed Ruffle permanently in 2 of my arcades. It works great. AS3 we have to be patient a little longer. V2 and V32 games run and save.
  7. Then take this version. https://ipsproarcade.com/index.php?ipsproarcade/playgame/41568-birdy-rush All files are included there. With the new games, the files are loaded externally and can lead to problems over time.
  8. Games go with addblocker and deactivated addblocker. Only with some they don't work. You load up to 99% and then nothing goes on. The problem with these games is that the files are loaded externally. There are no pictures or sounds in the package. Everything is loaded externally. If the external files can no longer be accessed for any reason, all of these games will no longer work.
  9. A report has been filed for Jelly Crush Level 022, please ensure that you provide as much data as possible to help us in resolving the issue for which you are reporting this game. Issue Reported: Game does not startet. Browser: Chrome Version: 87.0.4280.88 Platform: Windows
  10. The game has been adapted so that it automatically saves when the flight is over. But that's not why the game is defective.
  11. Legion has already been informed of this. The error message had overlapped.

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