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  1. So sorry to hear that, my condolences.
  2. It is in the game description. Facebook button is the submit.
  3. Went smoothly with me. I just played it on my cell phone. Add blocker off.
  4. Hmmm, if I lose my 2nd life, he saves the score.
  5. I can not use the more games button as submit because it would not be more compliant.
  6. saves me easily with google chrome after i lost my second life.
  7. Hadn't found any other way. The game's code structure is different from that of the other level pack games.
  8. In order to always advance one level, you have to restart the game after you have completed the level. Don't break.
  9. Therefore the game is not broken. Then Legion has to write this into the game description that after each level you have to start the game again to continue. Game saves the total score of all levels.
  10. not at my place. just saved the levelscore. your scorevariable is this.score. scorevariable does not save the total score of all levels.
  11. A report has been filed for Shamans Treasure Levelpack, please ensure that you provide as much data as possible to help us in resolving the issue for which you are reporting this game. Issue Reported: Game only saves the level score where you are gameover. But not the total score of all levels. Browser: Chrome Version: 80.0.3987.132 Platform: Windows Gname: ShamTreasLvlpack_Origon
  12. It is very nice that you have edited the styles for the arcade here. But you don't publish for the general public. I have to say that the support here has decreased significantly. Many open questions are not answered here and any errors in the thread or via pn are ignored. It is really a shame how everything has developed.
  13. Google Chrome, Adblocker off. Game goes without problems.
  14. The game Jelly Madness 2 Level 104 has a new high score of 3,670 that was set by @Arcade2013 crushing the old high score of 3,440 originally set by @Legionaire on 02/19/2020 09:27 PM. The game's objective is: Hier ist der Nachfolger vom Jelly Madness. Auch in Jelly Madness 2 sollst du die farbigen Süßigkeiten aus dem Spiel entfernen. Spiele mit deiner Maus und verbinde immer mindestens 3 oder mehr gleichfarbige Jellys mit einer Linie um diese aus dem Spiel zu entfernen. Versuche die von dir geforderten bunten Jellys zu entfernen, um in das nächste Level zu gelangen. Umso mehr Süßigkeiten du verbindest, desto coolere Bonus-Gegenstände bekommst du. You can check other games in the category here Jelly Madness
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