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I grew up alot of my young years in Colorado, the skies are bluer and the mountains are so grand. The town was very small it was more like rural with houses really separated, mostly horses and all the barnyard of animals.. I belonged to a Horse club and we did precision 

riding, I was in it from 6th grade to 10th grade.

When I was 15 we moved to the country in Alabama ....i was shocked at the humidity, my hair went from long to short and curly. We moved our livestock and all the critters across country and it was hard, my dad's truck broke down and we have live animals and there are 2 semi trucks and 4 pickups that came to a stop. We called the chamber of commerce and they found a farm were we could take the animals and let them graze and feed.

It was 20 minute drive from town so we didn't go often, there was a movie theater and a pinball arcade and that is about it for fun. I took voc tec in high school and had welding, I was the only girl to have ever taken welding.

I had a wonderful childhood I did barrel racing for a year and loved it, my family is great and life is good.


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Sounds like you had a great life growing up.


I also hold a high pressure welding certificate. But I drove big trucks across America and Canada, met a lot of nice women truck drivers. Women are into a lot of different vocations now a days.


Welcome to the group.


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