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  1. I think your ideas are great. I personally liked the no brainers...lol...I am not very good at games so the ones I played I could play them and have fun. I think we all have our reasons for being here and mine are, I want to just push buttons and look around. I probably filled my time for over 12 to 14 hours of the day and night. I became handicapped and now use a power wheel chair, I have limited places I can go because there is no way to haul my chair. I have extreme pain and just had shoulder surgery to fix a severed tendon in my shoulder. I have knee replacements and a shoulder replacement and hopefully the other one fixed. I have spinal stenosis and 4 herniated discs and a load of other problems. I take pain pills and have a morphine pump and pain patches. I liked to play slot games and now that you cant play flash games my other games are limited. My point for this is we all get pleasure here and every one has their own reason. I wish we could have the games back. I never heard the reason why there gone....the people that didn't like them certainly didn't have to play them if they wished. Heath and I battled over about 6 games and I loved it, so now I dont have that either. Thanks for reading this. Willow
  2. Could you take my score from Guardian of the dead (hidden game) I just clicked to play and it wanted to know if i wanted to start a new game  I said no and it gave me the score I played last month. sorry.

  3. welcome to ipsproarcade, so happy you are here.
  4. welcome to ipsproarcade, so happy you are here.
  5. welcome to ipsproarcade, so happy you are here.
  6. welcome to ipsproarcade, so happy you are here.
  7. welcome to ipsproarcade, so happy you are here.
  8. welcome to ipsproarcade, so happy you are here.
  9. welcome to ipsproarcade, so happy you are here.
  10. welcome to ipsproarcade, so happy you are here.
  11. I am happy to be here...
  12. welcome to ipsproarcade, so happy you are here.
  13. welcome to ipsproarcade, so happy you are here.
  14. I grew up alot of my young years in Colorado, the skies are bluer and the mountains are so grand. The town was very small it was more like rural with houses really separated, mostly horses and all the barnyard of animals.. I belonged to a Horse club and we did precision riding, I was in it from 6th grade to 10th grade. When I was 15 we moved to the country in Alabama ....i was shocked at the humidity, my hair went from long to short and curly. We moved our livestock and all the critters across country and it was hard, my dad's truck broke down and we have live animals and there are 2 semi trucks and 4 pickups that came to a stop. We called the chamber of commerce and they found a farm were we could take the animals and let them graze and feed. It was 20 minute drive from town so we didn't go often, there was a movie theater and a pinball arcade and that is about it for fun. I took voc tec in high school and had welding, I was the only girl to have ever taken welding. I had a wonderful childhood I did barrel racing for a year and loved it, my family is great and life is good.
  15. Welcome to ipsProArcade.


    We certainly hope that you find the site user friendly and enjoyable.  We like most other sites have a few rules.  The following list is not an all inclusive list but will most certainly point out the more important rules.  As it is not all inclusive, we remind you to review these rules from time to time as they can and more than likely will change or be added to.



    • We do not allow the harassment of any member, we like to consider ourselves a family friendly site so verbally attacking, swearing, stalking or being rude to any other member will not be tolerated
    • Review your posts prior to hitting the enter key, do not post anything that you would not want your child to repeat, hear or see
    • DO NOT Spam any of the forums, constantly bumping a post because you have not received an answer, promoting your site or product
    • ABSOLUTELY NO PORN or any other images that would be considered not appropriate for a family site
    • Swearing is not allowed in the forums are any other part of the site, such as the shoutbox.  We realize that every now and again there will be a slip, we are not talking about that, but more referring to the continued use of swear words throughout the site



    • Please do not use the shoutbox to post problems you are having to get quicker responses.  Requests for support in the shoutbox can be covered over by other posts that are made, none of the staff here are online 24 hours a day and it could happen that your request for support goes unanswered because it was never seen.  Any requests for support should be placed in the appropriate forum for two reasons, 1) The post will always be there and we all check the forums for any new posts each time we log on and 2) another member may be experiencing the same type of problems you are having and will be able to correct their problem as well.



    • NO cheating on games, not quite sure why some find it a need to cheat on a game that you get nothing for if you gain the high score, it is not like a gambling casino where monetary gains are received for getting the high score.  If you find a game that is easy to cheat on, letting one of the staff know will allow us to get rid of the game, as it is no fun when you get a really good score and then someone comes along and within a few seconds takes the score away because they use a cheat on a game
    • NO STALKING - Stalking is a matter of one member following another member around and playing the exact same games in an effort to get a better score.  This is ANNOYING and will not be tolerated.  All scores have a one hour time frame to where, if someone just posted a score, coupled with "fair play" that score is not open for other members to play.  We have our no stalking policy enacted on this site and currently it is only for games that have been installed for more than 5 days.  New games are currently not tagged with the stalking policy, but if we notice that members are not adhering to the one hour rule, we will tag ALL games with the no stalking policy, except for those that are set as "challenge games"
    • Playing all of the easy games to post a score on, just to climb to the top of the leader board also will not be tolerated.  This is ANNOYING and not in the scope of what we here consider fair play you can be banned from the arcade for a period of no less than 24 hours if you are a continuous abuser of this rule.



    If you are looking to purchase the arcade for your site you need to perform the following

    • Click on this to go to the subscriptions page https://ipsproarcade.com/index.php?/subscriptions/
    • There are 3 choices
      • Standard VIP member this is for those users who were not a VIP on our old site (3dogsarcade.com)  Initial cost is $35.00 and a recurring payment of $15.00 every 6 months
      • VIP+  This option is only available to those who were VIP members on our old site, if you select this option and were not a VIP member of the old site, we will change it to the standard VIP option
      • VIP++  Can be purchased by any member and will give you unlimited arcade updates and unlimited downloads of all games on the site
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