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What are your favorite themes ?


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Just trying to get an idea of what themes are being used on the different sites.  I have been going around and have noticed most sites are using Themes that were created by Sherri.  Are there any other theme creators that you like ?


Personally we have themes from Sherri, Ehren, Pete and a few not so well known creators.  My favorite has always been those that were created by Sherri, but for the last month (at least) Sherri has been nowhere to be seen and Pete has essentially taken over covering for her again.  What would you do if Sherri was not around to create any future themes or even update the current ones ?

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At Sherri the support fell asleep, considering that you pay over 80 dollars.
Private life is a priority.
Older styles are also not adapted to the current IPS version.
You will also be addressed if you request an adjustment.
I also got some from IPSFocus and have to say that they work better without major adjustments.
I am now specifically referring to Arcade only.
I was already thinking about creating some myself, but unfortunately I don't have the time.

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I have just loaded a theme developed by Storm Developers and it is an excellent alternative to those that are being offered.  Very easily customizable and has two options (both included in the download) for a darker theme and one that is somewhat more lighter.  This theme is available here in the theme selector Multipur, give it a shot and let me know what you think

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Multipur dark master has problem with buttons (text) ! Otherwise nice theme.

Sherri's theme should not recommend for anybody!


Nice theme is [Dark / Light] Fluent Design Theme Edition - with a lot possibilities and very fast for gaming.

Take a look on my site (you are admin).

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1 hour ago, Legionaire said:

Not a bad theme, unknown where you got it from as it does not have a copyright in the footer, I like the more rounded look and that one is more rectangular looking

You can disable copyright in footer under themes tools and much more


56 minutes ago, Legionaire said:


Not sure what you are referring to as I am not having any problems ?


take a look on picture -same if you want send private message - button submit - text problem.




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