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Who would you Save?


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A plane is flying above the earth with 4 passengers on board... the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the American President Donald Trump, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and a boyscout.
All of a sudden, the engines flame out and stop running.
The pilot enters the cabin where the 4 passengers are seated and explains that the plane is now gliding and losing altitude... it will crash into the earth in 6 minutes.
The pilot explains that including himself, there are 5 people on board, but only 4 parachutes.
The Russian president jumps up and exclaims" we are the richest country in the world", and he grabs a parachute and jumps out of the plane.
The American president exclaims" We are the most powerful country in the world", and he grabs a parachute and also jumps out of the plane.
The Canadian Prime Minister exclaims" I'm the brains of Canada", and he grabs a parachute and also jumps out.
The pilot turns to the boyscout and says" Well son, there's 2 of us left and only 1 parachute.
The boyscout looks at the pilot and says" no worries... the brains of Canada just took my backpack".

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