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what is happening


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16 minutes ago, tubesock said:

It's an IPS issue, if you wish to attribute it to the arcade, be my guest.


Maybe yes maybe no, but you have here nothing from IPS - no recent topics/posts, no status updates, no pages, no gallery etc...

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I'm not a whiz at coding like everyone else. But I updated my site to 4.4.8 the other day, and then the Arcade to the most recent version. I have shoutbox, recent topics, recent posts,webcam feed, PayPal donation box. Everything is smooth.


However, two days ago, I was attempting to uninstall an old plugin from the ACP on my test site, and it went all wonky saying there were sql errors with the plugin removal, like your screen shot. Recaching helped once, but then it went back to your example. So mine wasn't the arcade, but something in the formatting. I hope this helps. I think I just played too much on my test site with adding and removing ips items till the something went south.


Smooth recent update tubesock, thanks for all the work you all do.



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