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  1. You could use PHPMyadmin to export the games table and sort it in excel, I saw the other day you in many cases 3 or more of the same game by different coders
  2. Yes but my VB license does not support PHP as high as we use now. So if you don't have a private server running older php no love there
  3. MyBB only supports v2, v3 nd v32 games
  4. Ok thanks works great once. Will post this on my sites and get the word out.
  5. @Legionaire Can you post the changes you made to firefox. I made some changes but it still does not seem to play as3 and the site gives me a ruffle error for trying to play as3
  6. Installed on both sites and disabled Ruffle to test. Working fine thanks
  7. Thanks Logan and all for your work. I will attempt this tomorrow on my sites. Would someone share the full explanation on how to implement the code and file using the .htaccess.
  8. I spoke with her the other day on messenger and she made some inferences she was coming back but not heard from her after that. I saw she just got married.. I agree she had some good looking themes and have not found any that are as nice as her's
  9. If you see anything about the original IBPDOWNLOADS.COM having been sold, it is not true. The original owner (Leon Young) who started the site has transferred the site to me at no cost and I am in the process of rebuilding the site and helping a friend maintain it. So this can be the official announcement of new ownership of ibpdownloads.com being run and maintained by Robin and myself. There is a new site that was purchased by an individual that switched a letter in the domain name (ipbdownloads.com) to mimic the domain and it is offline at the moment.
  10. Did not know him personally but we will keep him in our thoughts and prayers.
  11. Same thing on the Christmas and Geode theme
  12. They have a white line down the edges of the arcade listings. Same on both skins
  13. I located it it was under rooms on the paid shoutbox and is a per room setting
  14. Thanks sent the author the question since mine does not show the same panel as this one
  15. @tubesock @Legionaire Any suggestions I cannot get remote images in my shoutbox to work. Using the same one you have here and it works here
  16. I can post a url to an emoticon and it posts fine in your shoutbox, What setting is it that allows members to do that
  17. Rowdy


    Working now and thanks for looking at it. Support app will be enabled later I am guessing,
  18. Rowdy


    I tried to add a non linked, non image signature as in picture and get too many lines. I also tried to create a support ticket as I was not sure where to post this and got yu do not have permissions to use the support app,
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