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Where were you on 9/11 2001


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As we enter into the 21st year since the attacks on the World trade center in NYC, I can still remember it like it was yesterday.  I was just outside of Harrisburg, PA holding a training class for the Pennsylvania National Guard.  I had just finished my part of the class and had gone to the break room to get something to drink and noticed there were quite a few soldiers staring a the TV.  I jokingly asked if they did not have anything else to do and was told they were watching the attacks on the World trade center.  Of course, I thought they were joking and sat down to see what was going on, and found out rather quickly, it was NO JOKE!


I sit here today and think how it took a tragedy to make a country, a country considered to be one of the most powerful in the world, to come together as one, no mud slinging, no hate crimes just a country trying to understand what had happened.  Why does it take a tragedy such as this for people to unite as one.  The theme was and still is "We shall never forget" but seems as though how many of us have forgotten what it was like on that day as today we stand as a country divided, mud slinging on the news everyday and a country that now sees crime is worse than it has ever been.


Why does it take such a tragedy to become a united country

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I was in Canada at Canadian Tire, having my pickup truck safetied for new plates. I watched on TV. 


My wife was in the USA at our other home, I could not get back, due to the Ambassador Bridge being shut down.


The bridge opened the next day, so I crossed, I was the only vehicle on the bridge except for a long line of truck and trailers, hey I sailed through just like nothing had happened.


Very sad day indeed. We now live in a very troubled world.

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At home in the kitchen. I had the news on TV and watched in shock as they were showing pictures of the first tower strike. Then the second plane hit. Difficult to process what I was witnessing.


Dreadful day indeed.Thoughts and prayers went to those who lost their lives and to the families and friends who mourned. 



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