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Battle Of The Boards (BOTB)


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oak's wife, came up with a good idea, seeing all or most of the arcade forums, have there own challegnes, maybe between all the arcade forums, we could some how set up a battle of the boards (BOTB)



Kim said " you have GOTD , GOTW , GOTM  and Team Game , So what about challenging other sites to a " BOTB = Battle Of The Boards .

Get 4 x sites to join and each site runs a BOTB on their site for a Week , then the next site hosts it so on and so on .

Over the 4 Weeks you will get a Site that is the Monthly Winner !!

( you have to play the BOTB on the site that is hosting it that week , this way you get new members ( some will stay / or at least come back  , plus they will get to see what a Great site you have .



What are your thoughts or ideas on this. Maybe we can kick this around some and come up with some good feedback, and get something going. It would also increase the memberships on the arcade forums that participate in GOTB.


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