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AS3 games, do the arcades still play these games? I was thinking of backing up the AS3 games, then saving them. Remobing from my arcade until Ruffle comes up with a better solution. I have over 15,000 of them.


Thoughts and ideas are welcome.

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AS3 games can also be played utilizing the PaleMoon browser as the saying goes "you cannot teach an old dog new tricks" stands tall for those of us who have been on the internet game for a long time and do not want to change what works for them, meaning, if you are used to Firefox or Chrome, you do not want to have to change browsers just to play some games that no longer work without the adobe flash player.  The big thing to consider is that some will have a number of favorite games they like to play that may be AS3 games.  So now it becomes a toss up, do I or don't I :shrug:

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