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A little help


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Good morning,

I use a translator, thank you for your understanding.

Here I am looking for a charitable soul who could explain this to me.

I no longer have the flag next to the US language.


Any idea ??

Thank you for reading me.


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The flag is triggered by the locale on the server. Look here, I have two languages installed, English and Deutsch (German)...




But I use only one locale, so I get only one flag.

Maybe you should check your server if the locale is still working correctly.

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I use a translator, thank you for your understanding.
As said above it is necessary that the locale (Local) be enable server side, because on your screenshot you have the same flag on both countries so you put the same locale code on both countries for the German language the locale should be configured on de_DE.UTF-8 -> Deutsch(Deutschland).


I'm moving slowly :classic_biggrin:





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