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  1. I am the winner of the Mahjong 3D Negativ - H -... challenge with a score of 65,500 I crushed 4 other players Please join the next challenge as I am looking for some better competition Other games like this can be found here G - L Games (Flash)
  2. The game Mahjong 3D Negativ - H - Classic has a new high score of 65,500 that was set by @Cinderella crushing the old high score of 64,920 originally set by @hella on 09/06/2020 12:59 PM. The game's objective is: Der Spieler hat die Aufgabe so wie möglich die Steine vom Brett zu entfernen. Klicke dazu mit der Maus 2 gleiche und freiliegende Steine an. You can check other games in the category here G - L Games (Flash)
  3. The game King Of Spades has a new high score of 20,151 that was set by @Cinderella crushing the old high score of 14,970 originally set by @tipper on 01/05/2020 03:42 AM. The game's objective is: Jeder Spieler spielt jeweils 1 Karte. Alle 4 gespielten Karten bilden einen Stich. Sie müssen sich, wenn möglich, nach der Spielfarbe richten, die von der ersten im jeweiligen Stich gespielten Karte vorgegeben wird.Falls Ihnen eine Karte in der richtigen Farbe fehlt, können Sie jede beliebige Karte ausspielen. Die höchste Karte in der ersten Farbe, die in jedem Stich gespielt wird, gewin
  4. The game Gold Miner's Holiday Haul has a new high score of 52,401 that was set by @Cinderella crushing the old high score of 1,679 originally set by @Legionaire on 11/09/2019 11:14 AM. The game's objective is to With new characters, new bonus features and new power-ups, he must mine for as much gold as possible without getting full off holiday fruit cake!. You can check out the category here too A - F Games (Flash)
  5. A report has been filed for Gold Miner's Holiday Haul, please ensure that you provide as much data as possible to help us in resolving the issue for which you are reporting this game. Issue Reported: game is not loading properly

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