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  1. I just looked in my own archives from WAY back in the early 2000s when I used to be Admin on a Simple Machines board, and found that I did download what I do believe is a working copy--TAR compression. game_beessaalbaad_loganv32.tar
  2. I left out memory challenges because a good number of them exist in this arcade plus there are some games with memory challenges within other games, such as one slot game I'm fond of (forget the name). One that poses a major memory challenge is Bees Saal Baad, named for a movie in India of the same name whose plot involves long lost twins...so yeah, it's a matching memory game, but with a good many different pairs, which is what makes it challenging. But beware of buggy versions, and there are a few; one locks up in the last level when you click on one image and it doesn't recognize the fact that you clicked the matching image. The only one I know where to play this is at the previously mentioned Next Level Arcade but that one is set to time out WAY too soon, one never reaches the last level, and I expect it's because I reported the bug that happens at the last level. Can't even get to the next-to-last level there either.
  3. Ya, the word "all" is what hangs me up--it depends on the game, IMHO. I'd like to keep Toy Match the way it was, and whatever games that have multiple levels but don't accumulate points between levels can be broken up into individual games because of that factor--those are the games this site already with multi-levels not broken up. And there presently exist multi-level games not broken up. There's a multi-level game not broken up but each level is difficult and it's like spending hours upon hours going through each level, and that's one Mahjongg Quest game, but I love it dearly--when I have that kind of time to play it. https://ipsproarcade.com/index.php?/ipsproarcade/playgame/41512-mahjong-quest/
  4. I gotta issue a correction on my post, though, as it turns out I misremembered the name of the person I was talking to about this. It wasn't Mustangsal, it was Pinky. Oopsie!
  5. Sorry to hear about your situation, Matrix. Just pushing buttons has its merits, too, as I like that kind of game when I can't sit for very long. Some of such games are good for the reflexes, and in the case of Yeti Sports, a combination of reflex & timing. I do appreciate the variety of game types, to be sure.
  6. Earlier, Mustangsal and I chatted a bit about favorite games for mental exercise and thought it would be a good forum topic where everyone could post a list of their favorite games of this genre regardless of whether they're Flash/Shockwave type or not. When I embarked on this post I was delighted to find a daily crossword puzzle at the bottom of this forum area, too! Just good games that challenge how you figure out stuff. I'll kick off with my own list but it's subject to additions when I think of them. Unfortunately most of them are Flash games so I wish somebody somewhere would do up HTML versions of the same: (sliding blocks type) Aztec Mind various slider puzzles Miner Block Sliding Blocks (this and the previous game are already on this site) (hexagon type) Virus Hex Options Hexalot Hexover Hexagonator (strategy puzzle type) Parking Zone Numbrix Toy Match Othello Reversi Mastermind I'm not including Sudoku because increased difficulty involving several matched pairs diminishes analytic value of solving. This list is just for starters--add to the list at will.
  7. Thank you, and I'm pleased to see Jeremy here too. I've been looking around for some of my fave games and haven't found 2 of them: Bees Saal Baad and Aztec Mind (those are the names of the Flash versions) but I did find an HTML version of Aztec Mind: Woblox. Bees Saal Baad was outdated at the time I discovered it, so I'm not optimistic about that making it to HTML conversion, alas. I really love this website. Nice job!
  8. Ya, hello Jeremy! Thank you for recommending this website, cuz here I iz.
  9. Welcome to ipsProArcade. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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