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My apologies


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First off I would like to apologize to davejo90 for accusing him of cheating and to Legion for not bringing it up with staff.


It has been a while since I have been on these forums and I told myself that I would be a much nicer person if I came back here. And I thought I was doing good until today. Back when I had my own arcade people got plenty pissed at me for being a jerk. SO, that is why I was banned from a lot of the other arcade sites. I mainly come here to pass the time and play some games, not piss people off. So again, sorry to davejo90.


The funny thing is that I was just looking up the lyrics to the Green Day song "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and the analysis of them. That song is me in-a-nutshell.

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You always were an a--hole RK , but I won the shirt ! bet old Jack Daniels got me banned from at least double the amount you were banned from lol


Its a wake up call when you look back over the years and some of the things I have said ( even in jest ) but it has come out wrong .


My song would be R Marks " Hazard " ( but Only this bit of it ) 


I think about my life gone by
And how it's done me wrong
There's no escape for me this time
All of my rescues are gone, long gone   ( or so I thought )


Now my rescue has come in the form of the great members of this site and the Admin of other sites that use this as a discussion and meeting point 


Even joined most on the Affiliate scroll and have had a warm welcome from each and every one of them 





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