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Firefox translator add on


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You can add websites and languages so that when you visit it will automatically translate that pages language to english, you also have to add the languages you want translated.  Example would be if you go to Bosss' site @ www.oldlibar.com/ipb/ which is written in Croatian, you can add his website and the Croatian language so that anytime you visit it will automatically translate to English, You can also add languages so that when someone posts on your site in let's say german, it will automatically translate that to english, even in the chat box so you do not have to go to google translate to find out what was said.


  • Click on the icon in the top right that was created when you chose to add the translator to firefox
  • Select options
  • Find more options (should be towards the bottom) this will redirect you to the page where you can set up websites and languages to be translated



  • Make the changes you want for Languages and Sites and presto, you are done
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