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Arcade Champions/HOF


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Just tried a couple of other Themes before posting, but it appears that all the games (in all the categories I have tested so far) appear to have both the Current Champion scores and HOF scores missing.


This makes it impossible to play games without checking "view scores" first to ensure targetting rules are not breached!!


Not sure if this is an edit that you want to have or whether its a glitch.


Just thought I would make you aware if you are not already :hide:  

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2 hours ago, M_I_B said:

Changed setting to Default ARCADE Layout and scores are now displayed.


Sorry didnt realise there was a setting for this! 


Ok now I understand what you were seeing.  There is a new game row layout which takes all of the items you were looking for and puts them into the game info.  I am pretty sure, correct me if I am wrong, that what you were seeing was this (which is currently the default setting





If you hover your mouse over the game icon, you will see all the information you were looking for



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