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Database conversion


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1 hour ago, Legionaire said:

if you are talking about your IPS installation, it would be only the arcade tables as they are the only ones that are giving the error about innoDB


My all tables are MYISAM no one are InnoDB - and yes got notice in my admin cp about to change to InnoDB

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Oh, that was LOADS of fun. I tried figuring out how to use the SQL interface for an easy way and gave up.


When I went to 4.6 it didn't upgrade any of the IPB tables, or maybe a few. So I went through one by one, a few at the time, and changed them to InnoDB. I notice it never shows any over head anymore, and I'm not having lags like I used to in the forum. It's been a week or so, so hopefully all will be well.

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If someone need check to see if any myISAM tables exist. ( Run this query). Replace ‘database’ with your database name.


FROM information_schema.TABLES
WHERE TABLE_SCHEMA = 'database' and ENGINE = 'myISAM'


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Voici comment je procède donc ci cela peut être utile.

Commande SQL:


Here is how I do it so it can be useful. SQL command:


SELECT CONCAT('ALTER TABLE ',table_schema,'.',table_name,' ENGINE=InnoDB;')
FROM information_schema.tables
    AND engine = 'MyISAM'
    AND table_schema NOT IN ('information_schema', 'mysql', 'performance_schema');





Copier le résultat et coller le dans SQL


Copy the result and paste it in SQL




Et voila toutes les tables trouvé au format MyISAM sont converti  vers InnoDB


And here are all the tables found in MyISAM format are converted to InnoDB





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