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We will NEVER forget


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I was conducting a training class for the National Guard in FT IndianTown Gap, PA, needless to say they were put on notice that they may have to assist in recovery efforts.  This is a day I don't think any of us will EVER forget.  This is a day when the US became a true nation walking hand in hand with their fellow man, there was no racism for small period of time, we were ALL Americans and ALL lives mattered

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I also remember that in Germany many events were on the brink.
It was said that we couldn't celebrate at such an event, which of course I could understand.
It was terrible...
Unfortunately, many theories were brought up, which unsettled one.
E.g. The Wold Trade Center was blown up, no airplane flown into the Pentagon, but a rocket and only parts of a small airplane that was only concerned with the gold, what was in the tower, etc.
You don't know what to believe.
I had a lot of respect for the helpers.

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