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Time for some choices to be made

New look choices  

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With IPS 4.5.x comes a new look and we are at the point where a new look may not be such a bad idea, in this topic we will be showcasing some of the new items that we hope you will like and most people do not like change but I believe we are moving in the right direction (this may be a long topic)






First thing you probably noticed, right off the bat (and if you did not notice you will now) is there are NO New Games and Popular games listing along the main sides of the arcade page, but not to fear we have some new widgets that will take care of that


WIDGET OPTIONS # 1 (scrollers)




The scrollers will probably take up the least amount of space but, will be continuous motion on the page, some people may not mind and others it may drive crazy


WIDGET OPTIONS # 2 (static displays)




The static displays also will not take up a whole lot of space, but you are limited to the number of games you can show, as they kick off to the next row they will no longer be in a nice line (one under the other) and if you try to use them in the sidebar they do not look very well, but they will work and that is why it is a choice


WIDGET OPTIONS # 3 (another type of static display but in a contained box)




This last option is probably the most appealing as far as looks go, all of the widget options, no matter which one, all have settings on how many games to show and some even on who you want to be able to see it (member group permissions).  You can select one of the options above or all three it is entirely up to you.  We can go with the most popular and make it the standard OR we can put in a selection on which one you want to use (admins choice) with the ability to select, you can mix and match the way your arcade looks.


So there you have it, I sure would appreciate some feedback on this new look

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Not until we can get this board upgraded, not sure how long that will be, but let's just say it won't be tomorrow

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You should include all options so that everyone is satisfied.
Otherwise, there would be more inquiries about how to change that.

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9 hours ago, marco2306 said:

You should include all options so that everyone is satisfied.
Otherwise, there would be more inquiries about how to change that.


Thanks for the input, it is definitely something we are looking at, making all options possible

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We have made it a selection choice for the admin, so you will be able to select any one of the three formats for latest games and popular games, latest scores will be a scroller and random games will be a static contained box

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We have now added a setting in the ACP under the Main Settings to select the format for the gamelist, you can either use the new format or the old format (with a few small changes)


OLD gamelist




NEW Gamelist



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