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  1. The game Chaki - Water Hop has a new high score of 40 that was set by @Mississippitalks crushing the old high score of 12 originally set by @origon on 11/24/2020 08:21 AM. The game's objective is: Pass the Chaki through the water without drowning. Jumping on the platform and be careful not to slip. Use right arrow key or mouse button to jump two platforms, and left button or arrow key to jump one platform. You can check other games in the category here Origon HTML5 Games
  2. A report has been filed for Baseball Pro, please ensure that you provide as much data as possible to help us in resolving the issue for which you are reporting this game. Issue Reported: playing the game and went to play it again and it said: This game is temporarily locked for 59m 28s, please try again then Error code: 1A120/2 Browser: Chrome Version: 86.0.4240.198 Platform: Windows
  3. The game Baseball Pro has a new high score of 170 that was set by @Mississippitalks crushing the old high score of 59 originally set by @Daniel Hofverberg on 11/16/2020 06:45 PM. The game's objective is: Baseball Pro ist ein cooles und schickes HTML5-Sportspiel. Deine Aufgabe ist es, viele Home Runs wie möglich zu schlagen und somit in der Highscoreliste ganz oben zu stehen. You can check other games in the category here Origon HTML5 Games
  4. Installed no problems IPB 4.5
  5. https://www.mahjong.com/game/Butterfly+Kyodai+Mahjong Could not figure it out
  6. Thanks for the terrific help during my initial learning curve, Here are some I did today that I did not see here. game_YukonSolitaire_mt.tar
  7. My first successful conversion thanks @Logan and @origon for your help. game_SushiMahjong_mt.tar
  8. Thanks brother for the continued work
  9. I would like it to be a post Would have common tags available to customize messages/posts Place person is top (configurable) from ACP or matching the number of current champions set in the back end Hall of Fame - same as above - matching the current champions numbers. What purpose does the archive from a reset actually serve?
  10. Where does the info go when a arcade resets? Does it create a post or something members see?
  11. The game Thank You Santa has a new high score of 6 that was set by @Mississippitalks crushing the old high score of 4 originally set by @bluemoon on 12/19/2019 09:31 AM. The game's objective is: Throw the presents up to the children, but don't let the goblins catch them. You can check other games in the category here HTML5 Games
  12. Did not know him personally but we will keep him in our thoughts and prayers.
  13. @tubesock I think I understand what he is saying. If I select a category HTML 5 Games or something similar the arcade list only games in that category and that's intended. If I go to the game search and select as part of the search criteria the ALL Games will only search that category I have chosen. So it is ignoring the game search options once you selected a category. If the search is used and the ALL games category is selected then it should override the category selection.

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